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College of Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi

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A PDF document listing the majors and minors offered by the College of Liberal Arts

Download this PDF to see a complete list of majors and minors offered by the College of Liberal Arts

Choosing a major doesn’t mean limiting your options. At the UM College of Liberal Arts, we encourage students to tailor their education to their own goals and interests. Students can choose from 35 majors and mix-and-match them with 65 minors, including interdisciplinary minors, minors offered from our departments, and some outside of the College of Liberal Arts, to create an individualized academic experience. Most of our majors described below are offered as minor fields of study. Others are unique areas of study.

On our campus, you’ll meet biology majors who are studying cinema, English majors who are studying astronomy, and physics majors who are studying creative writing.

We’ve created one convenient place where you can get a quick overview of majors and minors and even contact faculty members who can answer your questions. Of course, our academic advisors are here to guide you as you make important decisions about your future – CLA Student Services at or (662) 915-7177.

College Majors and Minors

Additional Minors