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College of Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi

Equity Statement

The College of Liberal Arts is committed to equity in higher education. We seek to build diversity, equity, and inclusion into the heart of our research, teaching, and service missions. We strive to create an environment of learning and discovery where students, faculty, and staff are supported and can expect respect and a sense of belonging as they pursue their best work. Our view of diversity is rooted in the recognition that access to higher education has been blocked or hindered for groups of people based on race/ethnicity and gender (and other systems of power, including socio-economic status/class, sexual orientation, ability, nationality, religious beliefs and practices, among others). As the largest academic area at the University of Mississippi, the flagship university in the state, we have a deep responsibility to reflect the diverse public we serve in order to effectively educate and train problem-solving leaders and lifelong learners. To foster this work and build the strongest College possible, our goal is to collectively create policies and practices in the College that ensure that power, resources, and decision-making are equitably distributed. We will strive to develop authentic relationships and partnerships in this ongoing academic and civic journey and we will hold one another accountable for our progress towards equity, learning from our failures and celebrating our successes as we go.
As such, we strive to:

  • Recruit and retain students, faculty, and staff historically underrepresented groups and diverse backgrounds.
  • Foster dynamic and supportive learning environments by pursuing the best practices in equity-minded pedagogy.
  • Support research and creative work that will advance social justice on our campus and in our community, state, and society.
  • Create professional development and leadership opportunities that help build healthy, diverse, inclusive, and sustainable leadership teams in the College.
  • Build strong partnerships with other Schools, Divisions, community members, and alumni in ways that will advance equity work.