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College of Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi


Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts!
This is a transformative time in the world and in the College.

We believe we can only overcome massive social problems like COVID-19 and systemic racism (and many other challenges) by bringing together the powerful knowledge and skills from the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and fine and performing arts. It is going to take a creative, collaborative, and fully interdisciplinary and community-engaged effort to achieve a more socially just and inclusive world.

There are many “ways in” to achieving a more socially just community for all of us—undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff members, and alumni. For the past several months we have worked to pull together the College of Liberal Arts Equity in Action Plan. This plan includes five focus area with measurable goals that we will strive to achieve over the next five years to make the College the strongest, most inclusive place it can be. We invite you to view this plan, and we hope you will join us in this work!

We’re dedicated to making sure that we are improving access to education, every single day. Please contact us with any questions, ideas, or concerns you might have or just to reach out to say hello. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and to have you meet us!

Sincerely, we’re glad you’re here and hope you’ll join the College in these efforts!

Kirsten Dellinger
Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion and Professor of Sociology

Valeria Beasley Ross

Program Manager for Diversity and Inclusion