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College of Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi


The College of Liberal Arts is grateful to the following donors of gifts made between July 1, 2022—June 30, 2023:

Donor Spotlight

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Anson Mills
Marsha D. and Haley R. Barbour
Stephanie G. and
Richard R. Barrett
Elizabeth M. and L. M. Brunt
Kaye H. Bryant
Cathead Distillery
Cockayne Fund
Linda L. and Dean Copeland
Meredith and James H. Creekmore
Martha and Adam Derbyshire
Maker’s Mark
Janet G. and S. Lawrence Farrington
Diane and Alan Franco
Cecile B. and Robert H. Harper
Hook and LeEarle Charitable Fund
Ann and Jimmy Hunt
Indigo Road Hospitality Group
James and Madeleine McMullan Family Foundation
James H. Creekmore & Meredith W. Creekmore Fund
Larry K. Johnson
Steven B. King
Laughing Gull Foundation
Grace Lawson and David Lawson
Lodge Cast Iron

McIlhenny Company, maker of Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauces
Stewart M. Madison
Susan and David Marcinek
Lara Marcon and J. V. Kodali
Deborah F. McAbee and J. Byron Morris
Frank J. Morgan, Jr. (In Memoriam)
Mary Ann T. Myers (In Memoriam)
Alex and Wiley North
Scarlotte M. and Crymes G. Pittman
Renvy G. Pittman
Floyd E. Pruden, Jr. (In Memoriam)
Welissa W. and Gregory C. Rader
Robert H. and Cecile B. Harper Charitable Fund
Ruth U. Fertel Foundation
Rob Samuels
Elane O’Rourke and Bran J. Scott
Sara M. Shoemaker
Brook and Pam Smith Fund
Wilbrod St. Amand (In Memoriam)
Robert S. Summers
Lisa and John D. Tickle II
Tony Chachere’s
M. Amanda and Edward R. Wilson, Jr.


American First National Bank
AT&T Mississippi
Mary L. and Freddie J. Bagley
Baumann Giving Account
Brenda K. and Lee Baumann
Mary Celeste Beall
Courtney A. and Michael Benedict
Hannah and Tommy Bishop
Blackberry Farm Taste of the South
Graham G. Boyd
Elizabeth B. Brevard (In Memoriam)
Henry C. Brevard, Jr. (In Memoriam)
Shawn S. and David E. Brevard
Jenny Cockburn-Becherer and Thomas L. Becherer
Martha S. and John H. Dunbar
Jessica and Adam Eckelbarger
Caren and Tom Gallaher
Bettie Y. Graham
R. Newell Graham (In Memoriam)
Lance Greer (In Memoriam)
Reba M. Greer
Kirsten E. and J. Ryan Hill
HQ Trane Technologies

Illinois Tool Works c/o YourCause
John H. Dunbar Charitable Fund c/o Fidelity Charitable
Meredith and Scott Keating
Ariel and Tim Kelley
Meredith Keyes and Kurt Bland
Carol and P. Ken Lackey, Jr.
Robert C. Long
Karen C. Matthews
Michelle S. and S. K. Morgan, Jr.
The Mountain Valley Spring Water
Arnita and Tim Ozgener
Elizabeth A. Payne and Kenneth A. Rutherford
Carrie T. Scarborough
Melissa Scott
Misty Shaw-Feder and Ronald M. Feder
Simmons Farm Raised Catfish
Shirley and Harry D. Simmons, Jr.
Risa P. and Sumner S. Spradling
Gabriella and Marshall St. Amant
Taqueria del Sol
Virginia Wine Board
Polly F. and Parham Williams, Jr.
Melinda C. and Benjamin Yarbrough


Virginia F. and James G. Brooks
Lissa L. and Adam H. Broome
Dana D. and Adrian W. Cartier
Elizabeth and Grant Clark
T. Keith Everett
Fortress Consulting, LLC
Carol H. and William T. Gafford
Gary And Noell Wilson Fund
Alexis L. and T. Wynn Giles
Ginger & Charlie Taylor Fund
Susan H. and G. O. Griffith, Jr.
Teresa and Lance Hirsh
Cathy and Jay U. Howington
Dee D. and John R. Jacobson
KPMG Foundation
Leah K. and Gary G. Lawson
Celeste and Ben Luke, Sr.
Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint

Sally and Waddell Mashburn
Jay McCracken
Diane W. and Steven G. McKinney
Sean Michaels
Amy and Thomas C. Norton
Christy and Scott Parris
Marc Rosen
Self Foundation
Jeanne and Gerald Spedale
Jessica and Michael Sznapstajler
Marian Templeton and Lance Templeton
The BGR Foundation, Inc.
The Derbyshire Charitable Fund
Eleanor A. Gill and Pete R. Thomas II
Kristin and Eric Thompson
Rhondalynne and Bruce E. Ware
Patricia C. White
Noell and Gary M. Wilson


Marshall G. Bennett
Bentons Smokey Mountain Country Hams
Bessemer National Gift Fund
Billy Reid Inc.
Frank W. Bishop III
Norma S. Bourdeaux
Charles A. Brown
Burch House G.P.
Lara M. and Vance P. Derryberry
Mike L. Edmonds
Valerie and Eron H. Epstein
Judith C. and Charles H. Ferguson, Jr.
Jackie and John S. Hicks
Gloria Kellum

Scott R. King
Lenell Kittlitz
Pamela B. and William F. Lawhead
Linda D. and Alexander MacCormack
Christopher A. Noone
Visit Oxford
Barbara S. and S. Milburn Price, Jr.
R&B Feder Foundation
Joann S. and R. P. Scruggs III
Judith K. and W. H. Searight III
Brooks W. Stewart
Jerry D. Strickland II
Rachael and Dax Swatek
Memorie White


Ann J. and H. Dale Abadie
James M. Achord
Ann and Lex Alexander
Dorothy S. Allen
Deborah D. and Steven D. Ammann
Janice A. Antonow
Apple c/o Benevity
Daniel B. Ashlin
Anna M. Barnes
Beverly Bartow
Monica T. and Raymond L. Bergin, Jr.
Beth and Joel Little Giving Fund
Ananda K. Bollu
Susan E. Bostick
James C. Cantrell
Joseph R. Caplis
Carolyn M. Carothers
Ann Cashion
Mary O. Cobb (In Memoriam)
Thomas J. Cobb
Beverly J. and Kevin N. Cole
Kathryn C. and William D. Coleman
Erika M. and Gilbert J. Comley
Ali A. and Hugh R. Comley
Kara R. and Charles W. Cook, Jr.
William F. Crozer
Barbara H. and Mike J. Daush
Alex K. Davidson
Mary Allen L. DeBold and
Joshua N. Debold
Janie and Dennis E. Dollar
Ouida C. and W. W. Drinkwater, Jr.
C. Martin Dunagin, Jr. (In Memoriam)
Trese A. Evans
ExxonMobil Foundation
Hubert Fabre
Bobby Ferguson
Marcie C. and William R. Ferris, Jr.
Rien T. Fertel
Susan French and Brenton French
Ronald M. Frith
Mary Ann H. and Don L. Fruge’
BettyLou Garrigan
Marcy and Mike Gertler
Sarah D. Gillespie
Janice M. and Chellis O. Gregory
Leigh S. and Thomas D. Growney
Susan Sadler Hayman
Jeanne T. and William S. Hays
Harriet N. and Albert L. Hilliard
Sarah L. and Guy L. Hovis, Jr.
Dorothy M. and
Thomas S. Howorth
HSU Charitable Foundation
Chern J. and John C. Hsu
J.J.R.C. Memebers and Alumni
Martha Johnston
E. Grady Jolly
Harriet L. and Joel R. Jones
Cathryn and Mike Judice
C. Glenn Kellum
Katy and Joe Kindred
Amanda B. and Jason Landry
Lucie M. and Joe Lanoux
Mary Beth Lasseter and Ned Mitchell
Helen and John T. Lewis III
Patricia P. and William Lewis, Jr.

James L. Lindsey
Elizabeth D. and Joel C. Little
Kelly R. Loudermilk
Kelly B. and Samuel H. Love
Lauch M. Magruder, Jr.
Susan Marquis
Lois Mateus
Caroline S. and J. Cal Mayo, Jr.
Yolett A. McPhee-McCuin and Kelly L. McCuin
Suzanne M. McDonald
Juliette W. and Gary A. McGaha
Mike and Marcy Gertler Donor Advised Fund
Floyce M. and Charles W. Misenhelter
Lisa C. Mitchell
Michael B. Mitchell
Karen C. and Robert S. Montjoy
C. Sue Moore
Melanie R. and Paul H. Moore, Jr.
Jeffrey Morgan
Nancy W. Murrill
Meta S. and Jonathon M. Nash
Andrea Nguyen
Christopher Northam
Doug Odom
Joseph F. Odom
Michelle M. and Richard E. Olson
Julia R. and Rush A. Peace, Sr.
William E. Pegues III
Jessica A. and C. Hayden Perkins
John M. Pope
K. Gail Russell and Ken Potish
Michael Rawdon
Diana W. and John B. Read III
Kimberly S. and Peter Robertson
Jewett and Alan F. Rothschild, Jr.
Amy J. Runnels
C. Lee Sanders
John Santamaria
Scruggs Family Charitable Fund
Raphael Semmes III
Graciela L. and Elias H. Shaer
Susan P. and David C. Shaw
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society
Catherine C. and Taylor M. Sledge, Jr.
Carolyn V. and W. Marion Smith
Southern Humanities Fund
Gregory O. Spellman
Kathleen Sprague
Bill St. John
Mary E. and J. Blake Stancill
Susan Stone
Forrest W. Stringfellow
The Alton & Mary Cobb Charitable Fund
The Lyric Oxford, LLC
The Santamaria Family Fund
Laura H. and Samuel R. Thomas
Carol and James Titley
Jane M. and Thomas H. Walman
Wellspring Fund
Clifford E. Wheeler, Jr.
Kathryn L. Wiener
LeaAnne and Al L. Williams
Marylyn N. and Edwin N. Williams
Jacob H. Williamson
Marie L. Antoon and
Charles R. Wilson
Erin Wyper


Janet L. and Fritz Anderson
E. Murray Avent
Kimberly and Jeffrey E. Aycock
Benjamin T. Bailey
S. Jennifer Sugarman and Konrad J. Banaszak
Susan H. and Brett R. Bartlett
Baxter International
Meredith D. Beldford
Fairy A. and John A. Brown
USAF (Ret.)
Ann W. and T. Walker Brown
Stacy D. Bruton
Sara J. and Thomas R. Burke
Craig E. Burnham
Sixue Chen
F. Cade and Jason M. Clurman
Chris Cookson
J. Richard Cox, Jr.
Catherine B. and William L. Crews
Wallace E. Davenport
Dedrick Family Foundation
Bram Dedrick
Priscilla and Joe D. Dowdy, Jr.
Melissa M. Edwards
Entergy Corporation
Julie T. and Henry R. Fanton
Colleen and Kenneth Fernandez
Lyn F. and John F. Fields
Martha and Paul Fogleman
Fritz And Janet Anderson Donor Advised Fund
D. Keith Fudge
Gavin And Meredith Scruggs Charitable Fund
Casey F. Glanzer
Gary Gold
Laura E. and W. Walton Gresham III
Philip A. Gunn
Majorie Gunther
Irene T. and Shreve Guthrie
Susan S. and John R. Guyton
Stephen A. Harrison
Catherine A. Hawkins
Robert C. Hazelrigg
Mary V. and Van E. Hedges
Sarah and Tim Hicks
James P. Hightower
Jeanne B. and Richard S. Hollis, Jr.
Katrina and Michael Hourin
Susan S. and John N. Hudson
Nancy T. and C. Douglas Kelso III

Joyce E. and David A. King
Elizabeth and Ross C. King
Brent Kulman
Francis Lam
Lovett L. Ledger
Marcy Loomis
Mon Y. Lung
Kathryn S. Major
Cassidy T. and Matthew S. Majure
William McDonald
Alice W. McSwain
Donna G. and Eric A. McVey III
Elizabeth Mehrle
Nicole E. and Loren L. Monroe
Kristina and Tom Montague
Karen B. and A. Bruce Moore, Jr.
Elizabeth L. Morgan
Claire C. and William P. Moss III
Peter Newman
Kathi Oliva
Holmes S. Pettey
Brian Pray
Edward J. Quigley
Kathy S. and Lee W. Randall
Carol S. and Randy Rawlings
Patricia B. and William L. Reeves
John H. Rice
John T. Robertson
Stephen E. Rowell
Saint Leo
Lucius F. Sams, Jr.
Carol C. Satterfield
Meredith and Gavin S. Scruggs
Susan B. and Homer L. Sledge III
Frances P. Smith
Rebekah E. Smith
Rose and Hubert E. Spears, Jr.
Susan & John Guyton Gift Fund
Judith A. and Oscar Thompson
Paige D. Thompson
Katelyn A. and Joshua L. Triplette
Emily and J. Keith Tutor
Donna D. Wade
James C. Watts
Keren E. and David K. Wells
Jeffrey Wiley
Aaron Woodhead
Marvin D. Woody
Julie C. and Geoffrey O. Yoste