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College of Liberal Arts

University of Mississippi


The College of Liberal Arts is grateful to the following donors of gifts made between July 1, 2017—June 30, 2018:

PATRON $25,000+; BENEFACTOR $10,000 – $24,999; EXECUTIVE $5,000 – $9,999; ADVOCATE $2,500 – $4,999; ASSOCIATE $1,000 – $2,499; STEWARD $500 – $999


21c Museum Hotels
AT&T Mississippi
Anson Mills
Marsha D. and Haley R. Barbour
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MS
Charles A. Brown
Cathead Distillery
Chisholm Foundation
Mary L. and Steve Cockerham
Carol Cook
Martha D. Dalrymple and James L. Cummins
Dorothy Pihakis Charitable Foundation
Cathead Distillery
Susan and Lester G. Fant III
Gertrude C. Ford Foundation
General Atomics
Susan H. and G. O. Griffith, Jr.
Cecile B. and Robert H. Harper
Lucile P. and William S. Hicks
Huntington Ingalls Industries
Intermark Group Inc.
Jim ‘N Nick’s Community Bar-B-Q
Meredith and Scott Keating
Cheryl and Bob Kellermann
Lester G. Fant, III Charitable Trust
Lodge Cast Iron
Lott Leadership, LLC
Maker’s Mark
Mary Ann Mobley Collins and Gary E. Collins Charitable Trust
McDonnell Family Foundation
Mary and Mike McDonnell
McIlhenny Company, maker of Tabasco© Brand Products
Nissan North America Inc.
John J. O’Flaherty
Tami J. Paumier and
Glen C. Warren, Jr.
Renvy G. Pittman
Scarlotte M. and Crymes G. Pittman
Simmons Farm Raised Catfish
Royal Cup Coffee
Ruth U. Fertel Foundation
Sanderson Farms Inc
Kathy and Joe F. Sanderson, Jr.
Simmons Farm Raised Catfish, Inc.
Shirley and Harry D. Simmons, Jr.
Pam and Brook Smith
Southern Company Charitable Fdtn.
The BGR Foundation, Inc.
Toyota Motor North America, Inc.


Freddie J. Bagley
Brenda K. and Lee Baumann
Michael Benedict
Billy Reid
Hannah and Tommy Bishop
Kathryn B. Black
Blackberry Farm Taste of the South
Graham G. Boyd
Minter Byrd
Jenny Cockburn-Becherer and Thomas L. Becherer
Create160, LLC
Lucille W. and James H. Creekmore
Crescent Communities
Misty Shaw-Feder and
Ronald M. Feder
The Fertel Family Foundation
Springer Mountain Farms
Diane and Alan Franco
Caren L. and Tom T. Gallaher
Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau
Reba M. and Lance Greer
Alicia and Jeff Heller
Jay Howington
Ann W. and Jimmy Hunt
Cheryl Kimerling and John Kimerling
Carol and P. Ken Lackey, Jr.
William Logan
Robert C. Long
Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint
Charlynn Massey
Deborah F. McAbee and
J. Byron Morris
Michelle S. and S. K. Morgan, Jr.
Oxford Tourism Council
Arnita and Tim Ozgener
Dabney J. and James R. Pierce, Jr.
Noel Pittman
R&B Feder Foundation
Virginia Wine Board
Suzanne and Gregory Rusovich
Taqueria del Sol
TDS Management, Inc.
Jane A. and Lee D. Thames, Sr.
Dag and Leslie Zapatero
Zingerman’s Community of Businesses


417 Royal Restaurant
Kristie and Charles L. Abney
Helen B. and Wadie H. Abraham, Jr.
Adam H. and Lissa Lamkin Broome Charitable Fund
Alabama Chanin, Inc.
Jane and R. Wayne Alexander
Rebecca P. and Carey W. Allen
Deborah D. and Steven D. Ammann
Beth P. Bartlett
Susan H. and Brett R. Bartlett
Virginia F. and James G. Brooks
Lissa L. and Adam H. Broome
Elizabeth M. and L. M. Brunt
Travis Burch
Amanda B. and James R. Carr
Jane C. and John W. Cromeans, Jr.
John Day
Michael J. Deauville
C. Martin Dunagin, Jr.
ExxonMobil Foundation
Bettina A. Gaycken
Carolyn B. and Daniel Gilchrist IV
Laura D. and Ricardo Gomez
Katherine H. and Jon E. Gothold
Bettie Y. and R. Newell Graham
Phil Hardin Foundation
Catherine C. and Guy B. Harrell
Richard V. Hayward
Barbara B. and D. Chan Henry
Mary H. and Russell J. Hensley
Lynne and G. Norris Howell, Jr.
D. M. Cockrell and Scott Jennings
Jennifer G. and Kennard A. McKay
Susan S. and Thomas C. Meredith
Alex H. North
Amy B. North
Amy and Thomas C. Norton
Jacqueline E. and Jay T. Oglesby
John N. Palmer
Steve Palmer
Christina C. and Richard R. Roberts
Craig Rogers
Peter T. Rogers
Edward L. Rowe
Peter Roy
Mary C. and Ridley M. Ruth, Sr.
Carol A. Sawdye and
John O. Morisano
Stephanie M. Self and
Kenneth J. Sufka
Sara M. and William M.
Shoemaker, Jr.
Scott Simpson
Tom Smithweck
Pardis Sooudi and Frank Stitt
Sumner S. Spradling
Diane J. and James D. Stark III
Jessica and Michael Sznapstajler
Virginia N. and J. Charles Taylor
Susan S. and Sanford C. Thomas
Lisa R. and John D. Tickle II
Jesse L. White, Jr.
Jennifer and Tom Williams
Noell and Gary M. Wilson


Charlotte A. and James E. Baine
Beverly Bartow
Edward J. Upton and Joe T. Cantu
Chai Pani, LLC
Linda L. and Dean Copeland
Lara M. and Vance P. Derryberry
Meredith R. Devendorf
Barbara M. and John Z. Dollarhide
Ergon Inc.
Patricia and Richard Fairtile
G. Grace Goodrich
Heirloom Hospitality Group, LLC
Vivian B. Hobbs and John T. Edge, Jr.
Kathryn W. and Terence M. Hynes
Jianna, LLC
John C. Keith
Margaret J. Keith and
Clayton W. Bartel
Patricia E. Keith
Marla W. and Lowry M. Lomax
Celeste C. and Ben Luke, Sr.
Steven Marcet
David Martinez
Charles R. McMurchy
Alan W. Partin
Leanne and Mike Powell
Restaurant Tyler, LLC
Linda F. and Michael E. Riley
Robin Robinson and Samuel F. Britton
Jewett and Alan F. Rothschild, Jr.
Diane T. and Richard F. Scruggs
Cindy and Jonathan D. Seigle
Catherine C. and Taylor M. Sledge, Jr.
Christin and Jason L. Smith
D. Shepard Smith
State Farm Companies Fndn
Swift Staffing -Tupelo
Lance Templeton
The Lyric Oxford, LLC
Adrianne and Todd Tillmanns
Patricia C. White


James M. Achord
C. Scott Adelman
Ann and Lex Alexander
Alger Design Studio, PA
Eileen and Nicholas J. Angelozzi, Jr.
Marie L. Antoon and
Charles R. Wilson
Barbara D. and David W. Arnold
Joyce M. and Herbert Arnold III
Melissa H. and Grant H. Ashlin
Donna and James L. Barksdale
Mary J. and S. Kenn Beeman
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Marshall G. Bennett
John P. Besh
David Black
J. S. Blake
Leslie K. Schutz and David T. Bortel
Norma S. Bourdeaux
Chadwick Boyd
Ralph Brennan
BRG Catering LLC
Jim Koikos
Robin C. and Denny N. Buchannon
James C. Cantrell
Carolyn M. Carothers
Ann Cashion
Chris Cavanaugh
Cottrell Contracting Corporation
Dianne and Mark H. Craig
Gary Crunkleton
Bess and John M. Currence
Faison Cushman
Nancy Davis
Arnika and Stephen Dawkins
Leah F. Dawson and
Ryan G. McMorries
Ashley Day
Charles L. Day
Frank R. Day
Mallory Degolian
Lynne A. DeSpelder and Albert L. Strickland
Dodge Stores
Ouida C. and W. W. Drinkwater, Jr.
Gordon H. Dunkin, Jr.
Gregg Eure
Judith C. and Charles H. Ferguson, Jr.
Kathy Fork
Martha Ann W. and John J. Franco, Jr.
W. T. Franklin
George Freeman III
Susan and Larry L. Gooch
Steven D. Greene
Janice M. and Chellis O. Gregory
Hugh S. Harris, Jr.
Mary D. and Samuel B. Haskell III
Susan Sadler Hayman
Trish and George D. Hightower III
Kirsten E. and J. Ryan Hill
Timothy D. Hontzas
Patricia S. and W. Briggs Hopson, Jr.
Chern J. and John C. Hsu
John W. Huey, Jr.
Dee D. and John R. Jacobson
Burt B. Jamison
Bert R. Jennings III
David Jester
Deborah D. and Randall R. Jones
Shawnna G. Jones
Sherri Kurz
Eugenia Lamar
Amanda B. Landry
Kelly Law
Lynn and George H. Leggett III
Cynthia P. and Ronald M. Lewis, Jr.
Patricia P. and William Lewis, Jr.
Marley Lott
Lovely & Delicious Enterprises, INC
Luckyday Foundation
Ruth Malin
Susan Marquis
Melissa M. and Jason A. McAfee
Julie M. McCollum
Robert Mcelroy
Cindy and Sam McGann
Diane W. and Steven G. McKinney
Jeffrey McWaters
Ellen B. Meacham and John W. Winkle
Christie and L. Madison Michael, II
Ann R. and David L. Molpus
Richard Molpus, Jr.
Karen C. and Robert S. Montjoy
C. Sue Moore
Shirley A. and William T. Moroney
Angela D. and Johnny B. Mosier
Murphy Oil Usa Inc.
Paula Murphy
Mollie and Tyler Niess
Christopher A. Noone
Katie Oates and Dan Murrey
Douglas A. Odom
Ronald D. Nurnberg and Joe Osgoode
Michael O. Palmer
Rose L. and Henry Paris
William E. Pegues III
John M. Pope
Angel P. Postell
K. Gail Russell and Ken Potish
Hilda C. and John K. Povall
Regina Purnell-Adams
Linda Quick
Melissa A. and Curt L. Ray
River Willow Company LLC
Donna R. Roberts
Kate and John M. Rogers
Harry Root
Rebecca Satterfield
Joann S. and R. P. Scruggs III
Mabelle G. and James L. Seawright, Jr.
Ed Seiber
Kim and Scott D. Sewell
Lucinda E. and David Shields
E. Lee Simmons
Charles E. Smith
Debra L. and Alan L. Spurgeon
Margaret E. Starks
State of MS Dept of
Finance & Admin.
The Freerange Group, Inc.
The Pinckelope Foundation
The Rogosin Institute – Dreyfus Health Foundation
Gibson Thomas
Laura H. and Samuel R. Thomas
Helen T. and Cooper C. Thurber
Williams R. Thurmond
Carol and James Titley
Laurie and C. J. Triplette
Sissy and Julian Van Winkle
Anne Cassell A. and
Thaddeus W. Watkins
Jenny L. and Dennis E. Watts
Elise V. and William F. Winter
Yazoo Valley Electric Power
Sharon M. and Charles F. Young, Jr.


William R. Allen, Jr.
American Electric Power
Lisa M. and William H. Andrews, Jr.
Ashbourne Farms
Antrece L. Baggett
Nancy F. and John W. Barrett
Monica T. and Raymond L. Bergin, Jr.
David C. Berry
Gregory L. Best
Sonya and Ross Bjork
H. Diann Blakely
Shawn S. and David E. Brevard
Linda H. and Andy Broadus
Elizabeth A. Brock
Tyler Brown
S. Kendall Dunn and John A. Buettner
Ronald E. Cardwell
Clarence W. Chapman
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Ashley Christensen
Mike Clayborne
Beverly J. and Kevin N. Cole
Ryan Cole
Casi Cottnell and Jimmy Cottrell
J. Richard Cox, Jr.
Arthur L. Criscillis
Margaret K. Davenport
and Blane E. Bateman
Justin R. Dinerman
Doniphan Dance Project
Judy and David I. Doorenbos
Margaret E. and William G. Eckhardt
R. Byron Ellis, Jr.
Pamela and Walter H. Eversmeyer III
Janet G. and S. Lawrence Farrington
Paul Fehribach
Marcie C. and William R. Ferris, Jr.
Jane and Jack Fiorella
Robert T. Fleming, Jr.
Martha and Paul Fogleman
Anne S. and Terry G. Freeze
Carol H. and William T. Gafford
Craig Goldwyn
Patricia A. and Charles H. Goodman
Denise D. and William M. Graeber
Ronald A. Haley
Sandra and Troy E. Hardin
Dorothy S. and Charles B. Hargrove
Raymond L. Harshman
Vicki A. and David T. Hewett
T. Gerald Hickman
Sarah and Tim Hicks
Gina and Linton Hopkins, Jr.
Human Rights Campaign
Brandy M. and Eric L. Hyde
Jay A. Johnson
Sara and B. Bryan Jones III
Joyce E. and David A. King
Roma L. King
Kat Kinsman
KPMG Foundation
Philip Krajeck
Francis Lam
Pamela B. and William F. Lawhead
Dianne S. and Edward K. Lee
Jiwon M. Lee
Carroll Leggett
Sophie and Samuel Levine
Subo Liao
Marcy Loomis
Deanna and Christopher T. Losson
Luckey & Mullins PLLC
Linda D. and Alexander MacCormack
Kate M. Hooper and Felipe E. Macias
Madison County Wines, LLC
Gigi and Charles Magill
Lauch M. Magruder, Jr.
Nancie S. McDermott
Leisa S. and David H. McElreath
James W. McFarland, Jr.
Sally K. and Michael L. McNitt
Alice W. McSwain
Mid-South Housing Foundation
Mississippi Manufacturers Association
Mary A. Mitchell
Nicole E. and Loren L. Monroe
Kristina and Tom Montague
Karen B. and A. Bruce Moore, Jr.
Martha R. Morgan
Michelle M. and Richard E. Olson
Shirley Olsson
Richard Orris
Sheri L. Phillabaum and Roy S. Ellzey
Leslie Pinsof
Anne S. Quatrano
Carol S. and Randy Rawlings
Reed Family Charitable Trust
Regions Bank
John H. Rice
Henry C. Ricks, Jr.
Susan S. and William H. Rigby, Jr.
Linda T. and James L. Robertson
Betty C. Rogers
Inga and William Rogers
Mandy Savage
Rene’ E. Pulliam and
Christopher J. Schager
Meghan A. Scott
Gavin S. Scruggs
Elizabeth Sherfy
Richard G. Sherman
Ida M. and Richard J. Shores
Margaret A. and John C. Sims
Penny R. and Edward B. Sisson
Gregory O. Spellman
Mary E. and Jefferson B. Stancill
Janelle S. Straszheim
Ward and James C. Sumner
M. Sue Tettleton
The Blake At Oxford, LLC
The Jefferson
The Venchuk Family
Sue Thiemann and
William O. Faustman
Fred D. Thompson
Trustmark National Bank
William D. Waff
Martha S. and Donald Q. Weaver
Kathryn L. Wiener
LeaAnne and Al L. Williams
Ellen P. and Charlie Williams
Philip C. Williams
Joan H. and David E. Willson
Virginia B. and Eddie S. Wilson
Gingia and W. Swan Yerger
Yoknapatawpha Arts Council
Miriam E. Abadie and
Anthony K. Yuen