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College of Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi


The College of Liberal Arts is grateful to the following donors of gifts made between July 1, 2021—June 30, 2022:

Donor Spotlight

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Anson Mills
Stephanie G. and Richard R. Barrett
Cathead Distillery
Robert B. Childers (In Memoriam)
Cockayne Fund
Linda L. and Dean Copeland
Lucille W. and James H. Creekmore
Delta Directions Current Giving Fund
Saramel Evans
Janet G. and S. Lawrence Farrington
Misty Shaw-Feder and Ronald M. Feder
Diane and Alan Franco
Caren and Tom Gallaher
Laura E. and W. Walton Gresham III
Ann and Jimmy Hunt
Indigo Road Hospitality Group
James and Madeleine McMullan Family Foundation
James H. Creekmore & Meredith W. Creekmore Fund
Meredith and Scott Keating
Grace and David Lawson
Lodge Cast Iron
Stewart M. Madison
Maker’s Mark
McIlhenny Company, maker of Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauces

Cora T. Mitchell (In Memoriam)
Shelly and Kirk Morgan
The Mountain Valley Spring Water
Mary Ann T. Myers (In Memoriam)
Helen G. Overstreet
Katy and Andy Prosser
Paul and Sherry Broadhead Foundation
R&B Feder Foundation
Marc Rosen
Ruth U. Fertel Foundation
Rob Samuels
Shirley and Harry D. Simmons, Jr.
Simmons Farm Raised Catfish
Pam and Brook T. Smith
Nancye B. Starnes
Robert S. Summers
The Kite Foundation
Tony Chachere’s
Virginia Wine Board
The William B. and Saramel R. Crooks Foundation
Walton & Laura Gresham
LeaAnne and Al L. Williams
M. Amanda and Edward R. Wilson, Jr.
Tate and Webb Wilson


American First National Bank
Mary L. and Freddie J. Bagley
Marsha D. and Haley R. Barbour
Mary Celeste Beall
Blackberry Farm Taste of the South
Graham G. Boyd
Jenny Cockburn-Becherer and Thomas L. Becherer
Martha and Adam Derbyshire
Lynn W. and Woods E. Eastland
ERV Donor Advised Current Giving
ExxonMobil Foundation
Lee Anne and William N. Fry IV
Bettie Y. Graham
R. Newell Graham (In Memoriam)
Reba M. and Lance Greer
Doris and Richard Gusler
Kay K. and Miles L. Hall III

Jean and Dayne E. Haltom
Harvey Hiatt
Elizabeth and Ross C. King
Gerard A. Lareau
Deborah F. McAbee and J. Byron Morris
Karen C. Matthews
A. Elliott Moreton
Arnita and Tim Ozgener
Timothy Parks and Lance Hiatt
Estate of Bill Shoemaker Jr.
Jeanne and Gerald Spedale
Risa P. and Sumner S. Spradling
Kenneth J. Sufka
Susan S. and Sanford C. Thomas
Elizabeth G. and Charles R. Veazey III
Kathleen H. and Arthur J. Waldrop
Rhondalynne and Bruce E. Ware
Polly F. and Parham Williams, Jr.


Margaret C. and Meredith B. Allen
F. Watt Bishop
Hannah and Tommy Bishop
Jennifer W. and Benjamin Bridges
Virginia F. and James G. Brooks
Lissa L. and Adam H. Broome
S. Kendall Dunn and John A. Buettner
Amanda B. and James R. Carr
Elizabeth and Grant Clark
Martha S. and John H. Dunbar
Mike L. Edmonds
T. Keith Everett
Emily C. and Lawrence M. Furlong
Gary And Noell Wilson Fund
Carolyn B. and Daniel Gilchrist IV
Ginger & Charlie Taylor Fund
Golden Triangle Ole Miss Club
Carol and P. Ken Lackey, Jr.
Leah K. and Gary G. Lawson
Robert C. Long
Celeste and Ben Luke
Hayley H. and John R. Lundy
Modena Martin

Susan Moore and Andrew Geer
L. Madison Michael II
Amanda A. and Hunter H. Moorhead, Jr.
Rose L. and Henry Paris
Thomas F. Pittman
Franklin P. Poole
Hilda C. and John K. Povall
Kristine and Robert H. Richmond
Peter Roy
Cindy E. and David G. Sansing, Jr.
Faye E. Sansing
Carrie T. Scarborough
Self Foundation
The Trammell Foundation
Eleanor A. Gill and Pete R. Thomas II
Kristin Thompson
Adrianne and Todd D. Tillmanns
Visit Oxford
Patricia C. White
Jennifer and Tom Williams
Noell and Gary M. Wilson
Maggie L. Winters
Melinda C. and Benjamin Yarbrough


Beverly Bartow
Billy Reid Inc.
Susan G. and Ralph Brennan
Butler Snow LLP
Gary Crunkleton
Entergy Corporation
Carol H. and William T. Gafford
Janice M. and Chellis O. Gregory
Cathy and Jay U. Howington
HSU Charitable Foundation
Chern J. and John C. Hsu
Steven B. King
Merrill H. Klapthor
Pamela B. and William F. Lawhead

Diane W. and Steven G. McKinney
Charles R. McMurchy
Nancy W. Murrill
Christopher A. Noone
Linda C. and W. Page Ogden
Elizabeth A. Payne and Kenneth A. Rutherford
William E. Pegues III
Barbara S. and S. Milburn Price, Jr.
Scruggs Family Charitable Fund
Joann S. and R. P. Scruggs III
Carolyn V. and W. Marion Smith
State Farm Companies Foundation
Kelly J. and Mark H. Strong
Memorie White


Ann J. and H. Dale Abadie
James M. Achord
Ann and Lex Alexander
Animal Behavior Society
E. Murray Avent
Stacey Ballis and Williams R. Thurmond
Ben Barker
Monica T. and Raymond L. Bergin, Jr.
John P. Besh
Bessemer National Gift Fund
Mary L. and Leonard Blackwell II
Ashley S. and Michael J. Borne
Norma S. Bourdeaux
Jack Bradshaw
Bright Star Restaurant
Charles A. Brown
Burch House G.P.
Burke Hospitality Group
Katie Button
Susan S. and Charles D. Cannon, Jr.
James C. Cantrell
Joseph R. Caplis
Lauren G. Cardenas
Ann Cashion
Alton B. Cobb (In Memoriam)
Mary A. Cobb
Kathryn C. and William D. Coleman
Ginger and Tom Colquitt
Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley, Inc.
Cindy and Terry Crawford
Darrell Crawford
Create Foundation
Samuel K. Crocker
Sandra B. and Frank Crosthwait, Jr.
Bess and John M. Currence
Denise and Fred Cypress
Charles L. Day
Lara M. and Vance P. Derryberry
Lynne A. DeSpelder and Albert L. Strickland
Janie and Dennis E. Dollar
Ouida C. and W. W. Drinkwater, Jr.
C. Martin Dunagin, Jr. (In Memoriam)
Gordon H. Dunkin, Jr.
John A. Eaves, Jr.
Valerie and Eron H. Epstein
Walter H. Eversmeyer III
Judith C. and Charles H. Ferguson, Jr.
Marcie C. and William R. Ferris, Jr.
Rien T. Fertel
Anne C. and Joseph M. Forks
Susan French and Brenton French
Ronald M. Frith
Mary Helen Gaines
Staci and Scott R. Gill
Patricia A. and Charles H. Goodman
Lois Y. and Steve R. Gregory
Susan H. and G. O. Griffith, Jr.
Elizabeth A. Grob
Dorris S. and William E. Gulley
Melissa B. and Matthew R. Hall
Catherine C. and Guy B. Harrell
Mary D. and Samuel B. Haskell III
Catherine A. Hawkins
William E. Hawkins
Susan S. Hayman
Jeanne T. and William S. Hays
Edward C. Hayward III (In Memoriam)
Linda S. Hayward
Henry C. Henick III
Diane V. and Reed B. Hogan II
Amy K. and Daniel H. Hoskins, Jr.
Sarah L. and Guy L. Hovis, Jr.
Susan S. and John N. Hudson
Jolee C. and Charles L. Hussey
Robena K. and Walter E. Hussman, Jr.
Martha Johnston
Lydia and Daniel W. Jones
Junior Auxiliary of Oxford
C. Glenn Kellum

Gloria Kellum
Katy and Joe Kindred
Francis Lam
Amanda B. and Jason Landry
J. Reese Lanier III
Mary Beth Lasseter and Ned Mitchell
Marcia Logan and C. D. Goodgame
Tricia and C. Trent Lott
Linda D. and Alexander MacCormack
Lauch M. Magruder, Jr.
Susan Marquis
Marro Foundation Fund
Sally and Waddell Mashburn
Caroline S. and J. Cal Mayo, Jr.
Jackie and Bryan C. McDonald
James W. McFarland, Jr.
Cindy and Sam McGann
Jada J. Mills
Millsaps College
Lynda and Richard D. Mitchell
Lisa C. and Michael B. Mitchell
Karen C. and Robert S. Montjoy
C. Sue Moore
Melanie R. and Paul H. Moore, Jr.
Chelsea and Sheldon A. Morris
Lindsay D. and James A. Murphy
Andrea Nguyen
Laura S. and Richard G. Noble
Sally F. and Darden H. North
Joseph F. Odom
Walterine P. and Cecil D. Odom
Michelle M. and Richard E. Olson
Andrea G. and Charles L. Overby
Susan and Paul Page
Leslie Pinsof
Marc Pollack
John M. Pope
K. Gail Russell and Ken Potish
Anne S. Quatrano
Leigh D. Ray
Diana W. and John B. Read III
HQ Regions Bank
Linda F. and Michael E. Riley
Kimberly S. and Peter Robertson
Jewett and Alan F. Rothschild, Jr.
Milton L. Sandy, Jr.
Elizabeth H. Sansing
Diane T. and Richard F. Scruggs
James L. Seawright, Jr. (In Memoriam)
Mabelle G. Seawright
Ed Seiber
Graciela L. and Elias H. Shaer
Robert F. Sharpe, Jr.
Susan P. and David C. Shaw
Catherine C. and Taylor M. Sledge, Jr.
Frances P. Smith
Patricia H. and John B. Sneed II
Debra L. and Alan L. Spurgeon
Seetha and Asoka Srinivasan
Bill St. John
Mary E. and J. Blake Stancill
Jerry D. Strickland II
Forrest W. Stringfellow
May W. and Lindsey Tape
The Alton & Mary Cobb Charitable Fund
Laura H. and Samuel R. Thomas
Lisa R. and John D. Tickle II
Carol and James Titley
Jan H. and Andrew R. Townes, Jr.
Laurie and C. J. Triplette
Don R. Vaughan
Charlotte and William L. Waller, Jr.
Monica and James A. Washington
Cynthia A. Weatherly
Reba W. and Dave Williams
Jacob H. Williamson
Marie L. Antoon and Charles R. Wilson
Julie C. and Geoffrey O. Yoste


Kaya Adams
M. Jason Akers
Janet L. and Fritz Anderson
Lisa M. and William H. Andrews, Jr.
Jeffry W. Armstrong
Teresa R. and Melvin S. Arrington, Jr.
Constance Ashmore
S. Jennifer Sugarman and Konrad J. Banaszak
Barry Family Gift Fund
Tina B. Barry
Beth P. Bartlett
Susan H. and Brett R. Bartlett
Brooks A. and Johnson Berry
Gregory L. Best
Matthew Beyer
Shawn S. and David E. Brevard
Elizabeth M. and L. M. Brunt
Linda Burgess and William R. Dunlap
Sara J. and Thomas R. Burke
Ronald E. Cardwell
Amy K. and S. Clark Casteel
Jonathan Chaires
F. Cade and Jason M. Clurman
Beverly J. and Kevin N. Cole
Rosie and Robert F. Cooper III
Coterie Club
J. Richard Cox, Jr.
Faison Cushman
Norma A. Davenport (In Memoriam)
Wallace E. Davenport
William D. Davenport, Jr.
Linda M. Davis
Gwen and John Deakle
Dedrick Family Foundation
Bram Dedrick
Paige Dedrick
Dinerman Group, LLC
Peggy A. Dolan
Priscilla and Joe D. Dowdy, Jr.
Shannon M. and Hamp D. Dye
Egerton Family Charitable Fund
Entergy Corporation
Paul Fehribach
Bobbie W. Ferguson
Renee N. and R. Mayo Flynt III
Martha and Paul Fogleman
Fritz And Janet Anderson Donor Advised Fund
Jesus Garcia
Adele and William E. Garrett, Jr.
BettyLou Garrigan
Thomas P. Garrigan (In Memoriam)
Gavin And Meredith Scruggs Charitable Fund
Casey F. Glanzer
Graeber Foundation
Irene T. and Shreve Guthrie
Tracey M. and Michael B. Hall
Ann H. Hawkins
Joy M. Hawkins
Sarah and Tim Hicks
Blair Hobbs and John T. Edge
Dorothy M. and Thomas S. Howorth
Berkley Hudson

Jeffrey T. Jackson
Jay A. Johnson
Willa E. Johnson
Darko Kajfez
Nancy T. and C. Douglas Kelso III
Menal Khanna
Robert C. Khayat
Joyce E. and David A. King
Kat Kinsman
Natalie C. and Tommy Kline
William B. Kneip
Dianne S. and Edward K. Lee
Lynn and George H. Leggett III
Roberta and George K. Lewis
James L. Lindsey
Marcy Loomis
Mon Y. Lung
Thomas W. Lux
Perre C. Magness
Matthew S. Majure
Karen T. and Joseph A. McConnell IV
Ellen and E. Patrick McIntyre, Jr.
Elizabeth S. and John M. McLarty
Yolett A. McPhee-McCuin
Betty C. McReynolds
Alice W. McSwain
Thomas R. Melton
Kristina and Tom Montague
Angie and Johnny Mosier
Claire and Billy Moss
Ronald D. Nurnberg and Joe Osgoode
Oxford Film Festival
Linda D. Parish and W. Scott Parrish
Mae K. and George E. Patton, Jr.
Julia R. and Rush A. Peace, Sr.
Kathy S. and Lee W. Randall
Random House Inc.
M. R. Ratchford
Patricia B. and William L. Reeves
John H. Rice
Libera G. Sammons
Lucius F. Sams, Jr.
Nicholas Sanchez
Jeannie and Perry Sansing
Meredith and Gavin S. Scruggs
Melvin H. Seid
Susan B. and Homer L. Sledge III
Southern Company c/o Cybergrants
Southern Humanities Fund
Gregory O. Spellman
Fred D. Thompson
Robin and S. Todd Threadgill
Thrivent c/o YourCause
Katelyn A. and Joshua L. Triplette
Eve Troeh
Gail O. and R. Gerald Turner
Rebecca Van Horn
Brigitte B. and Stanley J. Viner
Annette Waite
Wellspring Fund
Debora R. and Mitchell R. Wenger
Ellen B. Meacham and John W. Winkle
Marvin D. Woody
Nancy F. and William G. Yates, Jr.