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Allied Health Studies

What does it mean to major in Allied Health Studies?

The Bachelor of Arts in Allied Health Studies is designed to educate and set the foundation for students who are pursuing a career in various allied health professional fields, the professionals involved with the delivery of healthcare, the identification, evaluation, and prevention of diseases and disorders, or health systems management. Some of these programs have an accelerated track whereby students complete prerequisite courses for a few years then apply to the professional school. At UM, these include dental hygiene, health informatics and information management, histotechnology, nursing, medical lab sciences, medical technology, and radiological sciences.

This interdisciplinary degree program allows students to combine different courses from various majors to help prepare for their professional school of choice. The Liberal Arts core curriculum allows students to be exposed to a broad education in multiple disciplines, empowering them to deal with complexity, diversity, and change in the world. They are better equipped to collaborate with others and have enhanced leadership and communication skills.

The degree sheet provides the specific requirements and a sample 4-year curriculum plan.


group of students standing in Martindale-Cole HallWhy is UM a good place to major in Allied Health Studies?

There is no better place to gain the foundations for an allied health profession than at the University of Mississippi. Students in this major are advised in the Health Professions Advising Office, which was named by Science Times as one of the top health advising office of its kind in the nation!  Students will meet with their advisor and get a plan specifically tailored to their goals. The Allied Health Studies degree is extremely flexible. It gives you the opportunity to tailor the degree to your health profession.


What can Allied Health Studies majors do after graduation?

The Allied Health Studies degree was designed specifically for certain health career fields. It allows our students the flexibility to obtain the needed admissions courses for the wide number of allied health professional programs in the country, while also working toward a four year degree.  Students can additionally expand upon the knowledge most pertinent to their chosen health profession career and interest areas by choosing relevant upper-level courses. Pre-nursing students pursuing the accelerated nursing (4+1) track may especially find the Allied Health Studies degree to be a great option that prepares them for future leadership positions.


photo of Anna Cat Bouthillier (BA Allied Health Studies ’20)


“I chose Allied Health Studies because of the endless possibilities that can stem from this major. It allows me to pursue nursing while learning about the healthcare field along the way.” —Anna Cat Bouthillier (BA Allied Health Studies ’20)



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Dr. Sovent Taylor, Director of Health Professions Advising Office
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