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College of Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi

College of Liberal Arts Inaugural Cluster Hire

Marvin King 2019 TEDxUniversityOfMississippi

Charles Ross speaking from lecternThe College of Liberal Arts at the University of Mississippi is launching its inaugural faculty cluster hire initiative designed to expand our understanding of multicultural competence as it relates to successful, effective, and ethical leadership with an emphasis on the experiences of African Americans and other underrepresented groups in the U.S. South and attention to identities with respect to race, ethnicity, gender, and sexuality. The goal of this cluster hire initiative is to attract and support diverse scholars who are doing cutting-edge research, scholarship, and creative achievement around this broad theme in their fields of specialization. Our intention is to continue the cluster hiring initiative over the next three years. This year, three tenure-track hires will build on and strengthen new areas in our African American Studies and Gender Studies programs, creating bridges between the social sciences, the humanities and the performing arts. We are searching for jointly appointed faculty in the following areas:

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Scholar Communities and Research Cohorts

This hiring initiative is designed to create community among scholars with similar research and professional interests and opportunities to meet and align with scholars already doing work in these and related areas on campus. As such, we value scholars who are committed to and integrated in the communities they study and can help build our capacity for inclusive research and education in the broadest sense. These scholars will receive appropriate startup packages for their research efforts and will be part of a research cohort supported by graduate student assistants and senior faculty members in the College.

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Pathways to Equity

We are engaged in a 5-year “Pathways to Equity” strategic plan at the University and College levels and are committed to institutional transformation in practices and policies that will support the work of scholars in these fields. As the flagship public institution in the state of Mississippi, we are committed to increasing access to education for all Mississippians. We seek to increase capacity for robust inclusive teaching and mentoring practices that will create pathways of support and success for students from historically underrepresented and marginalized groups and desire candidates with demonstrated commitment and promise in these areas.