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College of Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi

Future Students

Future Students

Welcome to the
College of Liberal Arts

What does “liberal arts” mean?

It’s all the things you care about the most:

  • writing with confidence and skill
  • discovering solutions to climate change
  • combatting poverty
  • processing big data with machine learning
  • celebrating human expression through the arts
  • navigating complex moral and ethical situations
  • engaging the power of your citizenship
  • exploring the causes and cures for disease

The choices for study are as endless as your curiosity and capability.

Can you make a living doing what you love? You bet! College of Liberal Arts alumni are working in every field, including medicine, media and communications, education, business and law—and many others.

They have the capabilities that are in demand by employers today: clear communication in writing and speaking, critical thinking and analytical skills, leadership, and understanding issues in a global context.

Studying liberal arts isn’t learning a trade. It’s trading on what you’ve learned to launch a career that inspires you.


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