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College of Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi

2018 Faculty Grants—Sociology and Anthropology

Boudreaux, Edmond, Meyers, Maureen, and, Harris, Stephen

University of Mississippi Archaeological Curation Project

Sponsor: National Park Service
Award Amount: $499,998.00

Boudreaux, Edmond, primary investigator

Collaborative Research: Long-Term Human Responses to Ecological Instability

Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Award Amount: $112,461.00

Cafer, Anne Elizabeth, primary investigator

Carnegie Fellowship – Transcending Vulnerability: Merging Large Scale Data Systems and Case Study Approaches for Innovative Empirical Resilience Modeling in the US

Sponsor: Carnegie Corporation of New York
Award Amount: $200,000.00

Cafer, Anne Elizabeth, Rosenthal, Meagan, and, Haines, Seena L.

HUNGer in Rural communities (HUNGR): Integrating health and food systems for a sustainable food Rx approach

Sponsor: Wal-Mart Foundation
Award Amount: $442,154.00