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College of Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi


Please download the fillable form to your computer desktop and use the Adobe Reader (version XI, DC, or later) to open it. Then fill out the form, save it, and send it to as an attachment. If you do not have the Adobe Reader, it can be downloaded for free at Mac users need to use Adobe Reader rather than the built-in Preview application.

  • Appeal for Overload Form (uploaded 3/26/2020)
    Students are limited to enrolling in a certain number of credit hours per session. Students who want to enroll over the maximum number of credit hours must be approved and added by the Office of the Dean. See form for more details.

  • Approval for Late Withdrawal Form (uploaded 10/19/2020)
    Deadlines for course withdrawals can be found in the Academic Calendar. Once the deadline has passed, a student may drop a course only in the case of extreme and unavoidable circumstances. See form for more information.

  • Change of Major/Advisor
    In order to change into one of the College of Liberal Arts majors, fill out the change of major form. Once your major has been changed and a new advisor assigned, you will receive a confirmation email.

  • Course Time Conflict Permission Form (updated 3/26/2020)
    In the case a student requires to enroll in two courses with conflicting schedules, with instructor approval, the student can be enrolled in both courses. See form for details.

  • Intent to Graduate Form (updated 3/30/2020)
    A Letter of Intent to Graduate must be completed and submitted at least two semesters in advance of the term in which you intend to graduate. Once submitted, it will be reviewed for completeness.

  • Permission to ADD Class
    The course registration period can be found in the Academic Calendar. once the registration period has ended students may be added to a course with instructor’s approval by filling out this form.

  • Permission to Transfer Credit (updated 3/23/2020)
    In order to complete a course at another college or university, this form must be completed in order to guarantee that the credit will transfer and apply to the student’s degree program, the student must obtain written approval before enrolling in the course(s) at another institution.

  • Registration Advising Worksheet

  • Semester Weekly Schedule Planning Grid (MS Excel format)