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College of Liberal Arts
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News from the College Of Liberal Arts

Oxford Mural on The Square. Photo by Logan Kirkland/ Ole Miss Digital Imaging Services
College of Liberal Arts students Sophia Fosdick, left, Cayla Hari and Weston Liefer chat at the Phi Mu fountain in the Quad.  Photo by Kevin Bain/University Communications Photography.
Images around the Oxford Square and Oxford for admissions post card. Photo by Logan Kirkland/ Ole Miss Digital Imaging Services
Campus Scenes; Ventress Hall framed by flower blooms in the Circle. Photo by Logan Kirkland/ Ole Miss Digital Imaging Services


Heidi Myers takes a senior photo on the field at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Submitted photo

Journey to Commencement—The Definition of Determination

Heidi Myers wills her way through a semester with cancer. MAY 8, 2023 BY BENITA WHITEHORN Heidi Myers took 15 hours of classes plus a lab during the spring semester of her sophomore year at the...
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Abdullah Alqahtani

Journey to Commencement—Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places

Abdullah Alqahtani plans to use his UM education to better society in Saudi Arabia. MAY 8, 2023 BY MACKENZIE ROSS After growing up in the dry heat of Saudi Arabia, surrounded by sand, graduate student...
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Emmaline Schild

Journey to Commencement—Ready to Make a Positive Difference

Emmaline Schild reflects on opportunities created by leadership endowment. MAY 8, 2023 BY JONATHAN SCOTT Engaging with the community. Supporting others. Making a positive change in the world. These...
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Rabria Moore

Journey to Commencement—Writing Her Own Story

Rabria Moore receives prestigious internships, accolades. MAY 5, 2023 BY ERIN GARRETT Rabria Moore had never written a news story before she stepped foot on the University of Mississippi campus. As...
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Matt Knerr

Journey to Commencement—Ready for the World

Matt Knerr excelled in every aspect of university life and beyond. MAY 5, 2023  BY EDWIN B. SMITH Matt Knerr was already an accomplished student before enrolling at the University of Mississippi in...
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