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College of Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi

Ten Summer Poets in Residence

“In 1999, I was awarded a Summer Residency from the University of Arizona Poetry Center and I lived for a month in the charming ‘poet’s house’ on campus,” said Beth Ann Fennelly, English professor, Summer Poet in Residence director, and Mississippi Poet Laureate.

“In the years since, I’ve reflected on what a special opportunity that was. Here at UM, we’ve established a poetry residency in the hopes that other writers could receive similar nourishment.”

Since 2007 the Summer Poet in Residence (SPiR) program has supported a poet who desires a quiet, beautiful location in which to further his or her work. The month-long residency provides ample writing time while also enriching summer course offerings with the presence of an active poet on campus and in our community.

“I know our students have gained through their interaction with the SPiRs, who visit classes and give a reading at Off Square Books,” Fennelly said.

The 10 SPiRs are Rose McLarney, Brandon Lamson, Amy Sara Carroll, Mark Wagenaar, Joshua Kryah, Traci Brimhall, Jay Leeming, Sandra Beasley, Jake Adam York, Tung-Hui Hu, and Paula Bohince.

A Look at SPiR Through the Years

All ten broadsides created by Jan Murray, associate dean of liberal arts and professor of art and art history, for the Summer Poets in Residence.

Click on the images to enlarge and take a closer look. 

Acrostic Mementos

Acrostic Mementos, 2007

Splitting, 2008


Collect, 2009

The Piano Speaks

The Piano Speaks, 2010

River, 2011

River, 2011

Meditation, 2011

Meditation, 2011

Lao Tzu in Exile, 2011

Lao Tzu in Exile, 2011

The Hunger River

The Hunger River, 2012

The End of Something

The End of Something, 2013

From the Lepidopterist's Dream Diary, <em>2014</em>

From the Lepidopterist’s Dream Diary, 2014

Amy Sara Carroll

Amy Sara Carroll, 2015

Perable of the Plants, 2016

Parable of the Plants, 2016

Watershed, 2017

Watershed, 2017