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Recruitment, Retention, & Success: The Importance of Equity-Minded Initiatives

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Date: Monday, February 28, 2022
Time: 4:00 p.m., CST

Location: Zoom

Screen recording of Recruitment, Retention, & Success: The Importance of Equity-Minded Initiatives

Dr. Donald Cole, an emeritus upper administrator and faculty member in Mathematics recently charged the campus, at the ceremony dedicating the renaming of the Martindale-Cole building, to follow what he called the “Cole-Martindale Principle” which “embraces inclusion, values diversity and demands equity”.

In pursuit of further discussing this principle, special guests Dr. Donald Cole, Dr. Carla Cotwright-Williams, and Dr. Richard Doss will provide a window into the history of some of the most impactful equity-focused initiatives for African American students in STEM and beyond at the University of Mississippi. The goal of this conversation is to support increased understanding and awareness of the importance of McNair, IMAGE, AGEM, and similar initiatives, to inspire equity-minded change by members of our College of Liberal Arts community and all and to better support student success inside and outside the classroom keeping in mind the importance of building a sense of mattering and inclusion for students of color at the University of Mississippi.


Dr. Donald Cole

Dr. Donald Cole

Emeritus Faculty & Administrator, University of Mississippi

Dr. Carla Cotwright-Williams

Dr. Carla Cotwright-Williams

Technical Director for the Department of Defense

Graduated with a Nationally Celebrated Cohort of Graduates who earned their Doctorates in Mathematics at The University of Mississippi

Dr. Richard Doss

Dr. Richard Doss

Licensed Clinical Psychologist for the Department of Veterans Affairs

First African American man to complete a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at The University of Mississippi

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