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Ottoman History Podcast With History Professor Nicholas Trépanier

Medieval FoodwaysFoodways in Medieval Anatolia is the subject of the Ottoman History Podcast with Nicolas Trépanier, associate professor of history and the author of Foodways and Daily Life in Medieval Anatolia: A New Social History (University of Texas Press, 2014).

“At the heart of medieval political economies were a variety of practices, structures, and activities that revolved around the production and distribution of food. In this episode, Nicolas Trépanier discusses his research for Foodways and Daily Life in Medieval Anatolia, which examines life in the early Ottoman Empire through the lens of food and drink. We discuss diverse subjects from agrarian labor and temporality to religion and commerce in order to understand how people lived through what and how they ate.”

Nicolas Trépanier

Nicolas Trépanier

Dr. Trépanier’s current research focuses on landscape and perceptions of place in the late medieval Anatolian countryside.