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  • Thu

    SouthTalks: “Vietnamese, Cubans, and Mexicans in the South: An Intertwined History” a virtual SouthTalk presented by Perla M. Guerrero

    1:00 pmZoom (Preregister with the link below)

    “Vietnamese, Cubans, and Mexicans in the South: An Intertwined History”  a virtual SouthTalk presented by Perla M. Guerrero

    How are the histories of Vietnamese, Cubans, and Mexicans in the South articulated through national policies but defined through regional specificities? Perla M. Guerrero’s talk will focus on the Asian and Latinx communities in Arkansas in the last quarter of the twentieth century to explore placemaking. Guerrero argues that to fully understand the experiences of Asians and Latinxs in the South, we must also understand the history of place-specific ideologies that are at the center of more recent instantiations of racialized relationships.

    Guerrero is associate professor of American studies and US Latina/o Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. Her research and teaching interests include relational race and ethnicity with a focus on Latinxs and Asian Americans, space and place, immigration and legality, labor, and US history. She has received multiple awards, including a Ford Postdoctoral Fellowship and two fellowships from the Smithsonian Institution. She is working on her second book about deportation and coerced return to Mexico.

    Preregister for this SouthTalk.

    This event is cosponsored by the University of Mississippi Center for the Study of Race and Racism.