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    Astrobiology: Philosophical Issues and Implications Conference

    A conference called "Astrobiology: Philosophical Issues and Implications," set for late March 2020 at the University of Mississippi, will now being held virtually December 14-17, 2020.

    The conference includes over three dozen presentations by individual experts from over a dozen countries. They represent a wide array of scientific disciplines, according to Neil Manson, the University of Mississippi philosophy professor who has worked to organize the event.

    "Topics include the questions surrounding the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, the debate over whether we should attempt to send messages into space in the hope that they will be received by extraterrestrial intelligence, and whether and to what extent we are obliged to protect the planets we explore," Manson said. "We will also explore the ethical, legal and social implications of off-world settlements and even the very nature of life itself."

    The conference is the third annual meeting of the Society for Social and Conceptual Issues in Astrobiology, or SSoCIA. The newest academic organization dedicated to examining astrobiology and space exploration, SSoCIA began in 2016 with an inaugural conference at Clemson University and held its second meeting in 2018 at the University of Nevada at Reno.

    For more information on the conference, contact Neil Manson at