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Clarion Ledger: Economist Garrett Scott on Electric Car Bill

Garrett Scott

Garrett Scott

In the article Electric vehicle manufacturers seek to kill bill moving through Mississippi legislature by Wicker Perlis in the January 27, 2023 Mississippi Clarion Ledger, Garrett Scott, assistant professor of economics at the University of Mississippi, said barring electric car companies from operating in the state seems to go against traditional views of economic best practices.

“A bill like this would lead reduced market power, obviously, for the electric car companies, which would hurt competition in general, and we usually think competition is good for consumers,” Scott said. “This will also increase kind of the bargaining power of the independent dealerships as well, which could potentially harm consumers when they’re shopping from the dealerships.”

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Garrett Scott joined the University of Mississippi Department of Economics faculty in 2022. He has a PhD in economics from the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill and a BS in mathematics from Indiana University–Bloomington.