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Susan Hayman

Susan Sadler Hayman

“I contribute to the Ventress Society to give College of Liberal Arts students extra opportunities to follow their passions and go on to excel in their chosen professions. This contribution assists in attracting outstanding, accomplished professors. Our students deserve the very best.”
—Susan Sadler Hayman, B.A. history and English

Read The New York Times feature about Susan Sadler Hayman’s return to her alma mater.

Elaine Hoffman Scott

Elaine Hoffman Scott

“There have always been exciting things happening on the Ole Miss campus, and I have been lucky to be a part of some of them. It has always been important to me to be able to contribute to education in whatever way I can and to keep learning things myself. Being involved with the University of Mississippi has enabled me to do both those things. I encourage everyone who has enjoyed the benefits of an Ole Miss education, or just a visit to any of the exciting things going on there, to support the College of Liberal Arts.”
—Elaine Hoffman Scott, M.A. English

Scott and her family established the Mark and Elaine Hoffman Memorial Music Scholarship for piano and voice students honoring her parents—Mark, a pianist, professor, and chair of the University of Mississippi Department of Music from 1947 until 1969, and Elaine, an opera singer on the Chataqua circuit and with the New York City Opera. She serves on the Advisory Committee for the Center for the Study of Southern Culture, is a panel moderator for the Oxford Conference for the Book, and has attended the Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference every year since it began.

The College of Liberal Arts is grateful to the following Ventress Order donors:

Names reflect gifts made between January 1, 2012—December 31, 2012

PATRON $25,000+
BENEFACTOR $10,000 – $24,999
EXECUTIVE $5,000 – $9,999

ADVOCATE $2,500 – $4,999
ASSOCIATE $1,000 – $2,499
STEWARD $500 – $999


James E. Baine

Michael L. Baker

Nancy F. and John W. Barrett

Helen G. Brooks

Sara N. and Elvis O. Champion

The Chisholm Foundation

Mary L. and Steve Cockerham

Lucille W. and James H. Creekmore

Andrew K. Howorth

McIlhenny Company, Maker of Tabasco

Jim and Nick’s, Inc.

Lodge Manufacturing Company

Deborah B. and John E. Monroe

Mountain Valley Spring Water

Murphy Oil USA Inc.

Poole’s Downtown Diner


Anson Mills

Thomas L. Becherer

Union Square Hospitality Group

Carmen Bond

Graham G. Boyd

City House

Betsy S. and Wade H. Creekmore Jr.

Crescent Resources LLC

R&B Feder Charitable Foundation

Marcie C. and William R. Ferris Jr.

The Fertel Foundation

John E. Fetzer Institute Inc.

Gertrude C. Ford Foundation

Kristina H. and Richard C. Ford

Diane and Alan Franco

Tom T. Gallaher

John T. Hardy Jr.

Carol and P. Ken Lackey Jr.

Sean Manning

Royal Cup Inc.

Sanderson Farms Inc

Simmons Farm Raised Catfish Inc.

Joyce H. Spradling

Taqueria Del Sol

Virginia N. and J. Charles Taylor

James and Carol Titley

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation

M. Amanda and Edward R. Wilson Jr.

Wingspan Partnerships


Kristie and Charles L. Abney

Balch & Bingham LLP

Blackberry Farm

David C. Berry

Donald Clark Jr.

D. M. Cockrell

Ann B. and John W. Egerton

James W. Ellerman

German Embassy

Diane and Jim Gossen

Government Consultants Inc.

Clay Harmon

Lynne and G. Norris Howell Jr.

Ben Luke

Brittney and Matt Miller

Dennis E. Moore

Scarlotte M. and Crymes G. Pittman

Prudential Foundation

James C. Ratcliff Jr.

Diane T. and Richard F. Scruggs

Robert St. John

Pardis Sooudi and Frank Stitt

Ward and James C. Sumner

Blake Tartt III

Dwight L. Tays

Terrapin Restaurant

The Sally and Dick Molpus Foundation

Whole Foods Market

Noell and Gary M. Wilson

Danny T. Woodard

Karen and Ken Wright



Rex Arendall
Virginia F. and James G. Brooks

A. Hume Bryant

Joan and Paul Burrell

Edward J. Upton and Joe T. Cantu

Lara M. and Vance P. Derryberry

Donna B. and Brad J. Dye Jr.

ExxonMobil Foundation

Lee A. and William N. Fry IV

Jennifer Goetsch

Patricia S. and W. Briggs Hopson Jr.

Lydia and Daniel W. Jones

Kelly Law

Pamela B. and William F. Lawhead

L. Madison Michael II

Roy M. Milner

Deborah F. McAbee and J. Byron Morris

Karen Peterson

Linda F. and Michael E. Riley

Bill Schooley

Granger R. Scruggs

Joann S. and R. P. Scruggs III

Judith N. Shertzer

William L. Smith

Stewart Sneed Hewes Inc

Lisa R. and John D. Tickle Jr.

Patricia C. White

Dag and Leslie Zapatero


Helen B. and Wadie H. Abraham Jr.

Ann and Lex Alexander

Roy Anderson III

Bill Andrews

Barbara D. and David W. Arnold

Jane Anna and Bryan Barksdale

Susan H. and Brett R. Bartlett

Kristin and Wilson P. Barton III

Brenda K. and Lee Baumann

Kreis Beall

Fred E. Beemon Jr.

Paul T. Benton

John Besh

Biloxi Regional Med Center

Kathryn B. Black

Mike and Thelma Blair

J. S. Blake

Nancy H. and James H. Bonds

Norma S. Bourdeaux

City Grocery Restaurant Group

Shawn S. and David E. Brevard

Jennifer W. Bridges

Lissa L. and Adam H. Broome

Elizabeth M. and L. Michael Brunt

A. Patrick Busby

Minter Byrd

Ann and Ricky J. Calhoon

Callie’s Charleston Biscuits LLC

Carolyn M. and Richard B. Carothers III

Ann Cashion

B. Craig Clemmer

Jennifer Cole

Consulate General of the Republic of Korea

Linda L. and F. Dean Copeland

Bess and John M. Currence

Rebecca and Richard M. Currence

Faison Cushman

Joan M. and Donald M. Davis

Ashley Day

Lee C. and Raymond M. Dearman

Susan C. Ditto

Dorothy Cate & Thomas Frist Foundation

Lou A. and Granison Eader Jr.

Frances B. Elliott

Ellen W. and Joseph Ellis

R. Byron Ellis Jr.

Rosalie E. and John C. Engler

Ethan Fallang

Virginia C. and Robert E. Farr II

Beverly Farrington

Chuck and Diane Flynt

C. Karen and Artis Ford

Philip L. Fortune

Martha Ann W. and John J. Franco Jr.

Emily C. and Lawrence M. Furlong

Lynn C. and Stewart Gammill III

Gretchen Gardner

Eileen and L. B. Gatewood

Golden Triangle Ole Miss Club

Rekha and Jonathan Hagen

Anne M. and Jimmy Hagood

Harper’s Restaurant, Inc.

Hugh S. Harris Jr.

Susan S. Hayman

Morella K. and John C. Henegan

Harriet N. and Albert L. Hilliard

E. Lee and Daniel J. Hoffheimer

Houston Korean Education Center

John W. Huey Jr.

Susan S. and Robert A. Hume Jr.

Judith W. and William R. Hurt

Kim R. and Frederick J. Hycoop

Margaret D. and Robert C. Khayat

Richard Koon

Alden L. and Emeril J. Lagasse

Leila B. and Samuel M. Lane

Edward K. Lee

LFMG Licensing Inc.

Robert C. Long

Louis M. Rabinowitz Foundation Inc.

Linda D. and Alexander MacCormack

Karen T. and Joseph A. McConnell IV

J. Paul McDonald

Cindy and Sam McGann

Diane W. and Steven G. McKinney

Lynn S. and W. Holt McMullan

Ellen B. Meacham and John Winkle

Lynda A. and Richard D. Mitchell

Armin J. Moeller

Kristina and Tom Montague

Karen C. and Robert S. Montjoy

C. Sue Moore

MS Symphony Orchestra Assoc

Heather and Michael R. Nabors

Neel-Schaffer Inc.

Beate B. and Rodney Nolan

Michelle H. Oakes

Jay T. Oglesby

Page, Mannino, Peresich & McDermott

William E. Pegues III

Ramona H. and Ronald G. Peresich

J. Greg Perkins

Terry W. Peterman

Joshua Pokempner

Hilda C. and John K. Povall

Cecilia J. Quinn and Jeffrey J. McCarthy

J. Paul McDonald

Thomas S. Rankin

Susan S. and William H. Rigby Jr.

Debra M. and Robert C. Robbins

Linda T. and James L. Robertson

Harry Root

Carolyn J. Ross

Jewett and Alan F. Rothschild Jr.

Stephen E. Rowell

Mary J. Russell

Rita M. and Max P. Sanders

James L. Seawright Jr.

Richard Sherman

Sara M. and William M. Shoemaker Jr.

Joyce Sidorfsky

Deborah Smith

William L. Spencer

Albert L. Strickland

Kenneth J. Sufka

Superior Plumbing & Heating

Connie L. and Charles E. Sykes

Pamela P. and Hugh E. Tanner

The BGR Foundation Inc.

The Peoples Bank of Biloxi

The Prime Time Agency LLC

Mary M. Thompson

Adrianne and Todd Tillmanns

Julian Van Winkle

Susan M. Marchant and Ronald F. Vernon

Douglas Wagner and Kat Kinsman

Neil Walker

Jane M. and Thomas H. Walman

Yujin Wang

Jenny L. and Dennis E. Watts

Ari Weinzwieg

Thomas Williams

Virginia B. and Eddie S. Wilson

Elise V. and William F. Winter

World Presidents Organization


Ann J. and H. Dale Abadie

Nancy H. and Richard B. Akin

Rebecca P. and Carey W. Allen

Lisa M. and William H. Andrews Jr.

Nancy L. Ashley

Arnold and Terri Barefoot

Barksdale Reading Institute, LLC

Marian B. and Charles C. Barksdale

Mary L. and Ross R. Barnett Jr.

Allison P. and William G. Barton

Alon W. Bee Jr.

Gregory L. Best

Betty W. and J. David Blaylock

Linda S. and Robert T. Bobo

Wanda B. and Charles W. Broun III

Thomas E. Brown

Tyler Brown

Lakeyshan Bryant

Debra T. Bryson

Amanda B. and James R. Carr

Ashley Christensen

Kimberly and Glenn C. Cockerham

Penelope Cooper

Robin and Thomas B. Coopwood Jr.

Martha B. and B. Grimes Creasy

Elizabeth H. and Terry Creel

Mark S. Crews

Dale And Associates P.A.

Norma E. and Wallace E. Davenport

Nan G. and Thomas R. Davis

Margaret and Scott C. Dozier

Duke Energy Foundation

Rebecca Emerick

Estate of Anne McLean

Pamela and Walter H. Eversmeyer III

Paul Fehribach

Martha and Paul Fogleman

Jane B. and William R. Ford Jr.

Nancy B. and William A. Frohn

Marnie and Peter K. Frost

Stephen Gaddy

Frank Genzer Jr.

Cathryn M. and Peter W. Giroux

Linda F. and Richard S. Glaze

Nancy H. Goldman

Grand Biloxi Casino Hotel Spa

Janice M. and Chellis O. Gregory

Ann H. Gresham

Elizabeth and Pasquale Hamel

Cheryl and Lee Hammond

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi

Dorothy S. and Charles B. Hargrove

Jonathan Harwell

Amy H. Herring and David B. Dunson

Nola and Arnold J. Herring

Dan Hodges

Joan and Bennie F. Hollis

Deborah M. and D. Brooks Holstein

Gina and Linton Hopkins Jr.

William S. Howard

Stacey S. and Thomas H. Hussey

J&R Properties

Sheryl S. Williams-Jenkins and Charles M. Jenkins

Mary Z. Johnson

Matthew Kelly

Daney D. Kepple

Joyce E. and David A. King

Colby H. Kullman

Eugenia and A. L. Lamar

Robert C. Lea

Dianne S. Lee

Wesla S. Leech

Carroll Leggett

J. Bruce Lesley

Pamela J. and Garner W. Lester

Traci and James R. Lewis

Helen and John T. Lewis III

Jeremy L. Linton

Jan H. and Raymond W. Martin

Gayle and Victor Mavar

James E. McDaniel Jr.

Nancie S. McDermott

J. Paul McDonald

Lynn and Joe R. McGee

Ellen and E. Patrick McIntyre Jr.

S. Carr McKay

Sally K. McNitt

Mechanics Bank

Wendy and Raymond A. Meifert Jr.

Angela D. and Johnny B. Mosier

Randi P. and Thomas H. Mueller

Nancy W. and Paul W. Murrill

Jane Kerr G. and Robert B. Nance III

David L. Neville

Mary A. and Joe D. Nichols

Larry E. and John T. Noblin

Joe Osgoode and Ronald D. Nurnberg

Mary Lisa C. and William Oelze

Michelle M. and Richard E. Olson

June C. and W. L. Overstreet

Ted M. Ownby

Oxford Banking Association

Rose L. and Henry Paris

Ronald G. Peresich Jr.

Les Pinsof

Rainbow Cleaners

Carol S. and Randy Rawlings

Judy and Clarke T. Reed

Henry C. Ricks Jr.

William H. Roberson

Craig Rogers

Kelley N. Rusnak

Lynn P. and Dave A. Russell

Mary H. and Lucius F. Sams Jr.

Steven Satterfield

Settebello Restaurant Group

Richard G. Sherman

Lisa and Stephen B. Sherrill

Elizabeth Sims

Margaret A. and John C. Sims

Slaughter & Associates PLLC

Catherine C. and Taylor M. Sledge Jr.

Cecil O. Smith

Square Books

Mary E. and Jefferson B. Stancill

Dale H. Steckler

Jean and Jack Tate

Jane A. and Lee D. Thames Sr.

The Country Vintner

Fred D. Thompson

Julia H. Thornton

Michael C. Torjusen

Uncle Lumpy’s Inc

Patricia and Thomas L. Vinson

Juliet H. and Gerald W. Walton

Elizabeth W. and Charles T. Webb

Wells Fargo Matching Gift Center

Jennifer I. Wilkinson

Billie L. and Madison E. Williams Jr.

Joan H. and David E. Willson

Rhonda H. and James P. Wilson

Ann S. and Joseph C. Wink

Andrea H. and Peter W. Winslett

Zebulon M. Winstead

Martha C. and Frank G. Witherspoon Jr.

W. Swan Yerger