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Advising Information
Faculty Books—2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Faculty Grants—2013, 2015
FERPA Explanations for Faculty and Advisors
Guidelines for Interdisciplinary Minors

Instructional Faculty Promotion Policy for the College of Liberal Arts
Instructor Handbook Fall 2015
Liberal Arts Centralized Testing Center—editable PDF form
Liberal Arts Centralized Testing Center—Word document
Sabbatical Leave Application
Sabbatical Leave Application Instructions
Sabbatical Leave Report for Fall 2015 Sabbaticals
Student of Concern. If there is a student behavioral concern, please go to the Dean of Students’ webpage and complete the “Student of Concern Form.”
Teaching Awards
Tenure and Promotion Dossier Memo
Tenure Application Instructions
Tenure and Promotion Timetable