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Zimride: The New Social Network

Zimride is one of the many inventive ways the University of Mississippi community is using to promote the new “Go Green” initiative.

The online ride-sharing network allows students and faculty at Ole Miss to contact one another in an effort to share rides to and from different destinations.
Meghan Litten, a public policy leadership senior and promoter for Zimride, emphasized the positive social connection Zimride can help establish between Ole Miss students.

“Zimride is a social carpool network that not only can help students save money on gas when driving, but also set up a positive social connection between students,” she said.
Litten mentioned that the website allows students to pick who they ride with by finding common interests, like what type of music a person listens to.  Just like other social networks, students can set up a profile, book a ride or a post a ride of their own. It is also a secure and safe way to set up rides because to log in, a person must have a valid Ole Miss email address.

Nick Whipps, a parks and recreation management graduate student, said he is extremely excited to see Zimride promoted on campus.

“It’s a pretty cool idea, definitely something that can be utilized by the campus in general, especially for students who don’t have vehicles,” he said.  Among the other programs offered by the new “Go Green” initiative are Zipcar, OUT buses and the new bike-share program.
Students and faculty can sign up for Zimride at

A valid email is required, and individuals can also use their Facebook account if they are a part of the Ole Miss network.