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College of Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi

Wilson Raises the bar

When Virginia Wilson (BA 79) read in the 2007 edition of View from Ventress that the mock trial team needed funds, she took action.

“Dr. Winkle was one of the best professors I had in my academic career, and I wanted to help with a project that he started,” said Wilson, now an attorney in Memphis. “It’s rewarding to be able to give to a program that interests me and then be able to follow as it progresses throughout the years.”

Wilson’s $10,000 contribution will, among other things, help the team travel to tournaments and support recruitment efforts.

“We are so grateful for Virginia Wilson’s generosity,” said Winkle. “Her gift will allow the mock trial program to expand its membership and extend its national presence.

“This gift holds special meaning for me because Virginia Burt Wilson is a former student of mine. As a practicing attorney, she fully understands how participation in this intercollegiate competition will help to develop our students’ thinking and speaking skills as well as their poise and confidence.”