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UM Math Lab Moves Off Campus for More Space

Last year, the decision was made to move the The University of Mississippi’s math lab from Kinard Hall to room A01 in the Jackson Avenue Center, otherwise known as the old Walmart building, due to Kinard having inadequate space for students. Mathematics instructor Robert Hunt said the old lab in Kinard was fine when it first opened about 10 years ago, but due to the university’s growth since then, students have outgrown Kinard.

“During fall 2011 it was common for a line to be out the door and around the corner,” Hunt said. He said more computers were added for fall 2012, which alleviated the long lines, but there was no way to keep expanding in Kinard Hall. The air conditioning in Kinard was another issue. “The air conditioning in that room in Kinard never did work very well; it was always hot,” Hunt said.

At its peak, Kinard had 78 computers available, and it was not uncommon for several to be out of commission due to network problems. In the new lab, there are currently 114 computers avail- able with plenty of room to expand for the future. Students who live on cam- pus without a car will still have access to the math lab because there is an O.U.T. bus that will take students to the Jackson Avenue Center.

Sophomore broadcast journalism major Chandler Lewis said he has no problem with the math lab moving from Kinard, but he said he feels it will affect those without vehicles. “I believe it’s fine if you have a car, it’s convenient, but if you don’t then it’s just a hassle,” Lewis said. Junior geological engineering major Jonathan Pender shared Lewis’ opinion. “It inconveniences people that live on campus,” Pender said. “Many people that live on campus don’t have a car; having to find a way to the math lab or waiting for a bus may conflict with their schedule.”

Along with more space, Hunt said he feels students benefit from the Jackson Avenue Center because it is a more appealing environment and more conducive to learning. “It’s also just more inviting with bright lights and good air conditioning,” Hunt said. “Willie Price (Lab School) is not downstairs, so there are not distractions from children running around outside.”

Courtesy of The DM by Taylor Delandro