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College of Liberal Arts

University of Mississippi

Mathematics Instructor Receives Honor

University of Mississippi mathematics instructor Julie Anderson and Sue Hodge, assistant to the Dean of the School of Business were recently honored for their work with disabled students.

“Each spring we ask students registered with Student Disability Services to nominate one faculty/instructor and one staff member who provided outstanding support and service specific to the student and the student’s disability,” said Stacey Reycraft, director of the Office of Student Disability Services. “Once we receive all of the nominations, the SDS staff votes on the recipients based on the student’s comments and any contact we ourselves have had with the nominee.”

Students who nominated Hodge said, “She actually cares about me…and she takes time to help me,” and “I feel like I can share things with her and not be superficial.”
Students who nominated Anderson noted the way that she inspires students to do well in math.
“She makes math fun and she works well with my disability,” said one student. Another said, “She told me that I am very smart, and there is no reason I cannot take calculus.  Her class is my favorite class!”

This is the second year that the Access Awards have been presented, and the award ceremony is set to coincide with Disability Awareness Month, and this is the second year.  Last year’s recipients were Denis Goulet, an instructor of biology, and Natcha Knight-Evans, a staff member in the Registrar’s Office.