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UM English Professor Featured at Nature Reading

University of Mississippi English professor Ann Fisher-Wirth will be the feature of the Strawberry Plains Audubon Center’s Friday Evening Nature Readings this Friday.  The program is held in the Davis Antebellum Home located in Holly Springs.

“The primary purpose of this occasion is just a reading of my own poetry,” Fisher-Wirth said.

She will read from her collection of work, including her most recent book of poems, “Carta Marina,”  which came out in April 2009, and from one of her yet unpublished manuscripts.

“She will do some reading of her own poetry, but also talk about the movements of eco-literature,” Katie Boyle, Strawberry Plains Audubon Center outreach director, said.

Fisher-Wirth will also speak about her newest project, editing a contemporary American eco-poetry anthology with Laura-Gray Street that will be published by Trinity University Press.

Fisher-Wirth also servers as the director of the environmental studies minor.

“I will talk a little bit about contemporary American ecopoetry, which is poetry that is concerned with the environment in some way or another,” Fisher-Wirth said.

The evening will conclude with a discussion.

“Discussion is totally an open forum,” Fisher-Wirth said. “Any questions that people have or comments they want to make, that is what that is for.”

Some of Fisher-Wirth’s works will be on sale at the reading.

“When you give a poetry reading, mostly what you want to do is share your poems with people,” Fisher-Wirth said. “The poems express themselves.”

The Friday Evening Nature Readings are open to the public and free for everyone.

“I will just be trying to give a poetry reading that offers a variety of poems, all of which in some way or another have to do with the human and non-human world,” Fisher-Wirth said.

To learn more about the Friday Evening Nature Readings or the Strawberry Plains Audubon Center, visit

The reading will be held at 285 Plains Road, Holly Springs, Miss. from 6 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.

To register for the event, call the Strawberry Plains Audubon Center at 252-1155.