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University of Mississippi

Triple-Major Junior Spends Fall Semester in Scotland on his Third Study Abroad

Hunter Nicholson of Brandon enrolled at the University of Mississippi in 2009, counting on the Sally McDonnell Barksdale
Honors College and Lott Leadership Institute to help make his Ole Miss experience an affordable education comparable to that of a top-tier school.

He says he has not been disappointed.

“That’s why I’ve been able to afford three study abroad programs, so far,” said Nicholson, who is spending this semester in Scotland. A member of the Honors College and Lott Institute, he is a junior with a triple major, in public policy leadership, Spanish and accountancy.

Nicholson arrived at the University of Edinburg, where he is living in a five-person dorm, in August. After five weeks of classes on Scottish and UK
politics, he is completing a 10-week internship under a member of the Scottish Parliament. He also plans to explore that part of the world.

“I’ll spend most of my time researching the effects of a proposed major change in the Scottish tax system,” he said. “I plan to spend my free weekends
exploring the rest of Scotland by train and bus. The week before Christmas, I’ll head to Rome, and I plan to return home on Christmas Eve.”

He says he is also enjoying sightseeing in and around Edinburgh.

“Edinburgh is a very old city, so I have spent most of my free time, so far, exploring its history of several thousand years. In the center of the city is a
giant grassy hill called Arthur’s Seat. Catching a sunrise on it has been one of the highlights so far.”

Nicholson holds a Lott Leadership Scholarship and an Academic Scholarship. He received special funding for this study abroad from the Honors College and Lott

His affiliation with the Honors College has given him access to its vibrant center of academic excellence, which merges intellectual rigor with public
service to help member students from all disciplines become outstanding in their fields.

The Lott Institute has provided him with an intellectual community of faculty and students designed to turn ideas into action. Lott students also have the
opportunity to meet and interact with a large number of public leaders and take part in numerous public programs in this country and abroad.

Nicholson’s other study abroad trips have taken him to the Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Ecuador, with the Lott Institute, and to Spain for the
faculty-led program “Spanish in Cádiz.”

A graduate of Brandon High School, Nicholson is the son of Charlie and Vicki Nicholson.