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College of Liberal Arts

University of Mississippi

Transfer Equivalency Report FAQs

Visit the Transfer Credit General FAQs for general information about transferring credit to the University of Mississippi.

How can I tell how my particular transfer courses count at the University of Mississippi?

Your personalized Transfer Equivalency Report, which is available through the myOleMiss portal, lists all the work which has transferred to the University of Mississippi. It also shows how each course should transfer.

What do I do if my personalized Transfer Equivalency Report doesn’t show all my coursework?

First of all, check the Transfer Equivalency Database to see if any transfer agreements are missing. If some of the agreements are missing, they will be entered as soon as possible after the work on your transfer transcript has been entered into your student record.

If agreements already exist in the Transfer Equivalency Database for all of you transfer coursework, contact the Office of the Registrar to have your Transfer Equivalency Report updated.

What do UM 1XX, UM 2XX, UM 3XX, and UM 4XX mean?

The UM “bucket credit” will only count as general elective credit. That is, UM 1XX, UM 2XX, UM 3XX, and UM 4XX do not satisfy specific degree requirements.

What does MATH 1XX, ENGL 2XX, etc. mean?

Each department can assign departmental “bucket credit” to a transfer course.  For example, the Department of Mathematics may assign MATH 1XX to a transfer course because the course does not exactly match as course taught at UM.

Bucket credit can help satisfy degree requirements.  For example, 3 hours of SOC 1XX can help satisfy the BA Social Science requirement.  BISC 2XX can help satisfy the BA Science Requirement.

Does ENGL 2XX satisfy the literature requirement for the College of Liberal Arts?

The literature survey courses that satisfy the College of Liberal Arts literature requirement are Engl 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, and 226. Only these 6 courses satisfy the literature requirement.

In order for ENGL 2XX credit to satisfy the core literature requirement, the student must obtain written approval from both the Chair of English and the Dean’s Office.