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The Uganda Project: Come and See; Go and Tell

left to right: Emily Wicks from St. Louis, MO, KiKi Rockette from Water Valley, MS, Jay Jordan from Canton, MS, Joseph Lyons from Houston, TX.

Two professors from different disciplines partnered this spring to bring their African experiences to university audiences through dance and photography.

In February, Mississippi: The Dance Company presented “The Uganda Project: Come & See—Go & Tell,” a multimedia dance performance that was a collaboration between theatre arts professor Jennifer Mizenko and Brooke White, assistant professor of art.

Inspired by their humanitarian missions to Uganda, Mizenko and White brought their experiences to the stage in dance, music and photography. The creators said they hoped the performance exposed the audience to the heart and soul of Uganda: its beauty, its complexity, its people and especially its children.

“It really is about the experiences we had, and the people that we met and how they affected us,” Mizenko said.

The show was special not only for the story it told but for the unique, collaborative way in which it was told.

“I think we’re always looking for those opportunities to really work in a cross-discipline [way]. It was this natural progression that happened,” White said. “I hope we get to do more of it in the future.”

[vsw id=”Uo_Vhi8QeQY” source=”youtube” width=”320″ height=”220″ autoplay=”no”]

This video shows segments of the multimedia dance performance and interviews with the Jennifer Mizenko and Brooke White.