College of Liberal Arts

University of Mississippi

Friends of the College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts appreciates the following people for their donation to Ventress Order, without you the research, teaching, and service the College performs would not take place.  Thank you.

Patron – $25,000+                  Benefactor – $10,000 to $24,999      

Executive – $5,000 to $9,000 Advocate – $2,500 to $4,999 

Associate – $1,000 to $2,499  Steward – $500 to $999

Steward  $500 – $999
Ann J. and H. D. Abadie
Leo M. Abraham
James M. Allen
Phyllis B. and William C. Allen
Marian F. and Frederick Anklam Jr.
Harry T. Arnold
Nancy L. Ashley
Anna M. Berryhill
Kathryn B. Black
Betty W. and John D. Blaylock
Linda S. and Robert T. Bobo
Cedric V. Chinn
Commercial Real Estate Advisors LLC
Pamela J. Cox
Norma E. and Wallace E. Davenport
Nan G. and Thomas R. Davis
Shirley and Gregory O. Doiron
Judy and David I. Doorenbos
Carl R. and Carl R. Fletcher III
Martha and Paul Fogleman
Anastasios and Sandrina Georgiou
Sandrina and Anastasios Georgiou
Nancy H. Goldman
Patricia A. and Charles H. Goodman
Walter L. Grantham Jr.
Mark Greiner
Glinda F. and James M. Hall
Timothy J. Hall
Kristi H. and Terry J. Hamrick Jr.
Dorothy S. and Charles B. Hargrove
Nancy Harrelson
Mary M. Harrington
Hugh S. Harris Jr.
Nola and Arnold J. Herring
Laurie G. and W. G. Hodges
Luanne Buchanan and Michael H. Hoffheimer
Joan and Bennie F. Hollis
Dorothy M. and Thomas S. Howorth
Kim M. Huch
Cammiel W. and James L. Hussey Jr.
Alicia G. Joyner
William C. Keady Jr.
John C. Keith
Laura M. and Matthew G. Kellum
Joyce E. and David A. King
Eric Krutz
Carol and Paul K. Lackey Jr.
Debra M. and William E. LeMay
Jeremy L. Linton
John C. Longest
Sharrel and Frank A. McGrew III
Margaret E. McGuire
Samuel C. McKay
Mechanics Bank
Georgia N. and Gary L. Miller
Willis R. Minton
Karen C. and Robert S. Montjoy
Carol S. Moore
Allison L. Mott
Nancy W. and Paul W. Murrill
Jane Kerr G. and Robert B. Nance III
Stan L. Odell
Jay T. Oglesby
A. C. Oliveros Jr.
Michelle M. and Richard E. Olson
Rose L. and Henry Paris
Beverly J. Pierce
Steven Plotnicki
Mary Frances L. and Franklin P. Poole
Tami Presley-Shull
Nancy L. and Ken M. Prieur
Betty S. and Tyrus A. Pritchard
Virginia H. and Dale G. Read
Reed Family Charitable Trust
William H. Roberson
David L. Robertson
Janette H. Robertson
Barbara E. and Gary G. Robinson
Lynn P. and Dave A. Russell
Mary H. and Lucius F. Sams Jr.
Elaine H. Scott
Isaac A. Scott Jr.
Barbara and M. M. Shackelford
James K. Shelly
Margaret A. and John C. Sims
Celeste F. Spencer
Ruth and Keith Stephenson
Stewart Sneed Hewes Inc
Herb Stumberg
Ward and James C. Sumner
Jane A. and Lee D. Thames Sr.
Susan S. and Sanford C. Thomas
Paula L. Vaughan
Kathryn and Richard W. Von Drehle
Myra S. and Meredith M. Walker Jr.
Juliet H. and Gerald W. Walton
John A. Ware
Jennifer I. and Joseph N. Wilkinson
Rhonda H. and James P. Wilson
Nancy O. and Zebulon M. Winstead
Elise V. and William F. Winter

Associate $1,000 – $2,499
Dan T. Ballard
Susan H. and Brett R. Bartlett
Wilson P. Barton III
Brenda K. and Lee Baumann
Fred E. Beemon Jr.
Big Pig Productions, Inc.
J. S. Blake
Courtney C. Blossman
Leslie K. Schutz and David T. Bortel
Norma S. Bourdeaux
Graham G. Boyd
Shawn S. and David E. Brevard
Lissa L. and Adam H. Broome
Elizabeth M. and L. M. Brunt
Alfred H. Bryant
Edward J. Upton and Joe T. Cantu
Nelson M. Carpenter
Michael Catalano
Andy Chabot
Coccia Foundation
Joseph P. Corr
Sidney C. and J. H. Crews
James L. and James L. Crosthwait
Lara M. and Vance P. Derryberry
Donna B. and Brad J. Dye Jr.
William F. Earthman III
Leigh G. and James H. Eley
Frances B. Elliott
Martha Ann W. and John J. Franco Jr.
Lynn C. and Stewart Gammill III
Beverly N. Hairston and Bela Geczy Jr.
Shirley M. Gibson
Ashley Hall
Carl Herrin
Marlene W. and Scott W. Holmes
Carol M. and Glenn W. Hopkins
Patricia S. and W. B. Hopson Jr.
William S. Howard
Lynne and Gene N. Howell Jr.
Judith W. and William R. Hurt
Jolee C. and Charles L. Hussey
Lydia and Daniel W. Jones
Jamie B. and Ernest Joyner III
Amy T. Keith
Margaret D. and Robert C. Khayat
Barbara N. and Edward A. Krei
Eugenia and A. L. Lamar
Pamela B. and William F. Lawhead
Louisiana Hospitality Foundation
Cindy and Sam McGann
Barbara and Dwayne McLemore
Carlette McMullan
Donna G. and Eric A. McVey III
Susan E. Barsch and Stephen T. Morgan
Marilyn L. Patterson
Julia R. and R. A. Peace Sr.
Glenda A. Perkins
J. G. Perkins
Judy and Clarke T. Reed
Carolyn J. Ross
Laverne W. and Francis J. Scott
Sara M. and William M. Shoemaker Jr.
Joyce Sidorfsky
Caryl A. and Raymond W. Speck Jr.
Michelle and David C. Treen Jr.
UM Alumni Association
Joe T. Cantu and Edward J. Upton
Susan M. Marchant and Ronald F. Vernon
Robert Voogt
Jenny L. and Dennis E. Watts
Patricia C. White
Kathryn L. Wiener
Edwin N. Williams
Nila Q. and Max W. Williams
Norman M. Williamson
Virginia B. and Eddie S. Wilson
Ellen B. Meacham and John Winkle
Cindy and John M. Wise Jr.

Advocate $2,500 – $4,999
Barbara D. and David W. Arnold
Atticus Trust
Baptist Mem. Health Care Fndn.
Marian B. and Charles C. Barksdale
Blackberry Farm, LLC.
Brevard Family Foundation
Virginia F. and James G. Brooks
D. M. Cockrell
Beverly Farrington
Cindy and Jere W. Ferguson
Diane and Alan Franco
Emily C. and Lawrence M. Furlong
Mary D. and Samuel B. Haskell III
Mark and Mark Hoffman
Martha D. Kirkley
Josh Lance
Robert C. Long
Charles R. McMurchy
Michael F. Metcalf
James C. Ratcliff Jr.
Dwight L. Tays
Julian Van Winkle
Zingerman’s Roadhouse LLC

Executive $5,000-$9,999
Cellular South
Mary L. and S. Cockerham
East Tennessee Foundation
Elizabeth Fortune Clut 2
Ellis C. Lindsey
Dennis E. Moore
Deborah F. McAbee and J. B. Morris
Mountain Valley Spring Company, LLC.
Michelle H. Oakes
Fred E. Pittman
Linda F. and Michael E. Riley
Frank Stitt
Whitney B. and J. P. Vanwinkle
Julie Marie G. and Michael D. Waldorf
Miriam W. and Tommy L. Weems
Whole Foods Market
Noell and Gary M. Wilson

Benefactor $10,000 – $24,999
Anson Mills
Big Apple Barbeque Block Party
Biltmore Estate Wine Company
Dorothy Pihakis Charitable Fund
Gertrude C. Ford Foundation
Rekha and Jonathan Hagen
Michael T. Klank
Lodge Manufacturing Company
Medical Support & Development Org
National Peanut Board
David A. Rich
The Fertel Family Foundation
The State Of Mississippi

Patron $25,000 and up.
Nancy F. and John W. Barrett
Van R. Burnham Jr.
Estate of Joseph Alfred Hale
Hunter Public Relations
J. M. Smucker Company
Jim N. Nicks of Riverchase Inc
R&B Feder Charitable Fndn
Joyce H. Spradling
Viking Range Corporation
Johnny P. and Renee H. McRight