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Prospective Students

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The University of Mississippi College of Liberal Arts advances the boundaries in all core fields of knowledge—arts, humanities, natural sciences/mathematics, and social sciences. A liberal arts-based education empowers and prepares you to deal with complexity, diversity, and change through a broad knowledge of the world. You’ll develop a sense of social responsibility and key intellectual skills sought in the workforce—communication, critical thinking and problem solving, quantitative skills, leadership, and the ability to work with a diverse group of people.

You’ll explore complex theory, and then see how it is applied—in the lab or studio, working an internship, through a service learning or travel course, or conducting research in the field. You’ll work with professors to conduct and publish original research or to produce an original work of art, music, or performance. You’ll compose, perform, research, compete, write, derive, build, grow, govern, teach, dig, debate, solve, collaborate, and serve.

Then what? What can you do with your liberal arts degree? We have alumni who become leaders of their organizations in all sectors of the economy because your skills are what employers want. See for yourself!


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