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Pride of the South Gets New Uniforms

For the past 16 years, the men and women of the Pride of the South have passed down the same uniforms from class to class.

In the fall of 2011, the University’s marching band will roll out a new look.

“The uniforms were worn out,” said Bill DeJournett, the Pride of the South band director.

“They were worn physically, and the design was outdated as well.”

The uniforms featured a thick material with suspender pants, creating a heavier appearance for band members as well as a hotter suit to perform in.

DeJournett said band uniforms, on average, last eight to 10 years.

The previous uniforms were purchased through funds donated by alumni.

Starting in the fall of 2011, the band will showcase new uniforms purchased through the Office of the Chancellor and Intercollegiate Athletics. The uniforms cost a total of $108,000 and belong to the University.

“It was a process (picking out the new uniforms),” DeJournett said.
“We had a committee composed of several graduate students, undergraduate students, faculty and alumni members.”

This committee helped with the process by providing input for the uniform design.

DeJournett said that he had a primary sketch in mind and that the committee helped to endorse that sketch before sending it to numerous uniform companies.

The new uniform process also included decisions regarding budgets and bids.

After submitting a basic design, three uniform companies responded with a bid for monetary cost of the entire ensemble and a sample uniform.

The Pride of the South settled with Stanbury Uniforms.

“They matched our budget and presented a quality uniform,” DeJournett said.

The new uniform will look very similar to the old uniform; however, the fabric and design have been updated for comfort and appearance.

Sophomore trumpet player Warren Bristol said the other members of the band are ready to have a chance to wear the new uniforms.

“I am excited about the new band uniforms that will be premiered at the BYU game in the fall,” Bristol said.

“I believe that the new band uniforms will bring positive recognition to the Pride of the South and the University as a whole.”

The band members are only required to purchase black shoes, which will cost each member about $20.

“Morale seems to have increased,” DeJournett said, “And I feel I can say that the members are happy about it.”

The Pride of the South has approximately 290 members.

From DM by Caroline Daniels