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Population Brief Released, Provides Information on Chinese Americans in the Delta

The Center for Population Studies in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology recently released a “Population Brief” which provides demographic information about the experience of Chinese Americans in the Delta and the state of Mississippi.

The report is entitled “The Mississippi Chinese Population.” It was released in conjunction with a public lecture given by John Jung, former professor of psychology at California State, Long Beach, on the Mississippi Delta Chinese.

Jung’s talk, “On Being Chinese Where Everyone Else is Black or White,” discussed his personal experiences growing up in Georgia and why he started writing about the Mississippi Delta Chinese.

Additionally, Jung commented on similarities and differences in these two contexts and noted how Chinese and other Asian communities in the South differ from those on the West coast.

Timed to coincide with Dr. John Jung’s talk  ”On Being Chinese Where Everyone Else is Black or White” (The University of Mississippi on September 15, 2011 at 5 pm), the Center for Population Studies released the first issue of its new Population Studies series. The paper is entitled “The Mississippi Chinese Population.” Authored by Lynn Woo, John Green, and Clifford Holley, the report explores the history and contemporary presence of people identifying themselves as Chinese in the state.

Read it online here!  Woo, Green, and Holley – The MS Chinese Population

For more information about the brief, contact John Green, director of the Center for Population Studies, at The brief is accessible electronically at