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Pointe Innovation Magazine: Physicist’s Biomed Startup at Research Park

Dr. James Sabatier

Dr. James Sabatier

Read about the latest career of Jim Sabatier, emeritus physics professor, putting his research skills to commercial use as the first tenant of the Innovation Hub at UM’s Insight Park, a 62,000-square-foot high-tech center that provides support and infrastructure to startup companies.

Sabatier’s company, Soair, is “an outgrowth of his life’s work as an acoustical physicist at the National Center for Physical Acoustics.”

“Soairis a patented sonar technology that helps doctors monitor and assess fall risk in advanced-age patients by remotely measuring walking speed, leg and torso motion, and other parameters related to balance and walk gait. This technology shows promise in applied eldercare, a sector of the health care industry expected to grow as baby boomers continue to age. With the Innovation Hub as his base, he is able to take advantage of in-house resources to develop his research into a viable business.”

“It was bred into me as a graduate student that this was what I was supposed to do, but I struggled to know how to do it,” said Sabatier. “I’m a university faculty member by career, trying to become a businessman. The Innovation Hub provides all of the pieces I need.”

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Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub at Insight Park