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Paying Her Dues: Theatre Arts Alum Sarah Evans

On the surface, University of Mississippi theatre alumna Sarah Evans seems like just another aspiring actress trying to make it in New York City.

But take another look and you’ll see Sarah plays a few different roles in hopes of one day seeing her name in lights.


Evans moved to New York in 2007 and started working odd jobs when she wasn’t performing in local productions. She currently works full-time as an emergency medical technician and works nights serving drinks at a dance club in the Chelsea neighborhood.

Evans says working multiple jobs means she doesn’t have much time to sleep or spend time with her boyfriend, Jesus, with whom she shares an apartment in Queens. She said they would eventually like to move to Manhattan once they can afford it.

“(Acting) is what I love doing,” Evans said. “The fact that someone would actually give me money to do what I love doing is an amazing fact to me.”

While Evans says she understands the process of becoming a Broadway actress isn’t easy, she simply can’t imagine doing anything else as a career. Still, she knows she’ll have to keep working to pay the bills and keep shooting for Broadway stardom.

“If you’re somewhere that you’re not happy, you’re not living life; you’re existing,” she said. “You don’t want to exist; you want to live.”

by Alex McDaniel