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Ole Miss Concert Singers to perform Friday in Tupelo

The University of Mississippi Concert Singers represent a wide range of Ole Miss students, with freshman to graduate students from a variety of majors

A diverse sound comes from a diverse group of people.The University of Mississippi Concert Singers are proof.

The 65 voices in the choir represent a wide range of Ole Miss students, including freshman to grad students, music majors and non-music majors. The group is performing at the Link Centre’s Monthly Music Mix on Friday.

“Singing is a lot like sports,” said Dr. Donald Trott, director of choral activities at Ole Miss and the Concert Singers. “There’s individual talent and effort and practice that makes one proficient. I can be a solo singer like I can be a solo golfer. At the same time, I can contribute my talent along with others on the team to create this product, this experience, this sound.”

Though each of the singers have his or her own style of singing, they can come together as a choir and present a wide range of music, he said.

“It’s individual experience brought to the group, and then it becomes a group effort,” Trott said. “Music feeds the soul. It’s the human instrument, and I think it just shows what humans are capable of doing on the beautiful side.”

The Concert Singers have performed across the country, accompanied and unaccompanied, and with a variety of other groups.

The performance at Monthly Music Mix will show off the choir’s broad repertoire.

The program includes a collection of songs by English and American composers, a few a cappella pieces, a few selections from traditional composers such as Mozart and Handel, some contemporary pieces, a tribute to Leonard Bernstein and, of course, spirituals.

“We try to get quite a bit of repertoire in, and so in their four years here there’s a real thought process to cover most of the musical periods,” he said.

Trott said he and the singers will be available to chat with any prospective students after the concert, and they’ll have some CDs for sale.

Music Mix

Who: University of Mississippi Concert


When: 7:30 p.m. Friday

Where: Link Centre Concert Hall, Tupelo

Cost: $10/adults, $5/students

Info: (662) 690-4011

From NEMS Daily Journal by Sheena Barrnett