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College of Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi

Lydia Lagarde

Lydia LagardeCoordinator of Communications and Student Recruitment

106 Ventress Hall
662-915-1778  |

Lydia holds B.A.s in English and Spanish from the University of Mississippi, where she worked as an intern for the English Department during her time as an undergraduate. Now, she works as the coordinator of communications and student recruitment for the College of Liberal Arts. She is responsible for managing the College’s social media pages, including writing, designing, and posting content, and overseeing community connections on social networks. Lydia writes news stories and content for the College’s websites, and also curates news and events for all of the departments in the College of Liberal Arts; she gathers event details and news articles from the departments and disseminates them on the College websites and social media pages. Lydia also manages over 50 liberal arts student ambassadors, oversees their social media content creation for the College,and helps organize scheduling and execution of recruitment events. Lastly, she runs digital marketing campaigns aimed towards prospective students and with the purpose of recruitment and engagement to the College of Liberal Arts.