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Luther Knight of Clarendon Holds Book Signing

from Stuttgart Daily Leader, Stuttgart, Ark.

Luther Knight, a native of Clarendon and 1949 graduate of Clarendon High School, held a book signing Saturday in the Carrie Petit Room at the Stuttgart Public Library to celebrate his latest book “Myrtle Beach,” a suspense novel.

“Myrtle Beach” is a tale of the experiences of three young airmen targeted as suspects in a series of murders as told by a retired United States Air Force (USAF) sergeant to a young nurse who has befriended him in his later years at the United States Veterans facility at Gulfport, Miss.

“The characters in this novel are all fictitious, however, they are a combination of two or more (people) together,” Knight said. “I also take previous (events) in my life to write some of the story or characters for my books.”

Knight has written two previous novels, “The Tomato Patch” and “Cache River” for Beside Books, a novel by the American Book Publishing Company, and both novels were set in the 1950s in Clarendon.

“The only novel that isn’t set in Clarendon is the current and third one, ‘Myrtle Beach,’” Knight said. “It is set in Myrtle Beach, in the coastal region of Mississippi.”


“Myrtle Beach” is a work of fiction written to entertain the reader, rather than to document any particular point of view about military service. However, it does show how one may become entangled in situations beyond their control that lead to deep involvement with tragic results.

“I also use characters of the (people) I have met through the years in my life at the University of Mississippi,” Knight said. “Most of my characters are very dear to me.”

Following a four-year tour in the United States Air Force, Knight returned to Arkansas and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Arkansas State College in Jonesboro, (now ASU) and while teaching in public schools in Missouri, he spent three summers earning a Masters of Science degree in combined sciences at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Miss.

Knight and his family moved to Mississippi where as a full-time graduate student, he completed the requirements for his PhD degree from the University of Mississippi and joined the faculty of the University in 1968. He retired as professor emeritus of biology and director emeritus of the University of Mississippi Biological Field Station.

Knight devoted more than 20 years to environmental, science education and research at the University of Mississippi. He then began a new career as a novelist following his retirement.
Knight has visited libraries and festivals through the years, promoting his books and his novels can be found at and Barnes and Noble.