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College of Liberal Arts

University of Mississippi

Graduation Celebration 2020

Celebrate our 2020 College of Liberal Arts Graduates


A Gift for Our Graduates

I hope you, your families and your loved ones are well during this unforeseen and challenging time. I wish I could celebrate this milestone with you in person, as does our entire University of Mississippi Community. In the future, we look forward to a proper UM commencement, when the beauty of the Grove and brilliance of our graduates come together in one of the university’s most iconic moments.

Although there’s no substitute for a hug and a handshake, the messages below—from your professors, our very own Mississippi poet laureate, and me—were inspired by our deep admiration and affection for all students graduating from the College of Liberal Arts. We wish you success and will miss having you on campus. When you come back to visit, you’ll be welcome always with the special affection we hold for the grit and grace of the class of 2020. Congratulations to all.

Lee Cohen, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Liberal Arts

Please take a moment to enjoy a message from Lee Cohen, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts; a message from the faculty of the College, and a poem for you, created for the class of 2020 by professor and Mississippi Poet Laureate, Beth Ann Fennelly.


Click below to download a PDF of Professor Fennelly’s poem.Download professor Fennelly's poem



The UM Journey to Commencement Project features profiles of the class of 2020. You can view your classmates’ stories and add your own photo and favorite memory!