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College of Liberal Arts

University of Mississippi

General Procedure for Determination of Transfer Agreements

STEP 1 – Registrar’s Office Enters Transfer Work from External Transcripts

When the Registrar’s Office receives a new transcript from another institution, it enters the transfer work course by course into the student file in SAP Campus Management.

Transfer coursework for newly admitted students who have not previously enrolled at the University of Mississippi is usually entered when the newly admitted students register for orientation.

Transfer coursework for currently enrolled students is entered upon receipt of the external transcript, if it is transferable. Students should consult the University Catalog regarding transferability of courses by enrolled students.

Liberal Arts students who are currently enrolled must fill out the Permission to Transfer Credit Form prior to enrolling in a course at another institution.

STEP 2 – Registrar Creates/Updates Transfer Equivalency Report

If transfer agreements already exist in the Transfer Equivalency Database for some of the transfer courses, the Registrar creates/updates the student’s Transfer Equivalency Report.

STEP 3 – Registrar Sends List of Missing Agreements to Dean’s Office

If a transfer agreement does *not* exist for a course on a student’s transcript from the transfer institution, the Registrar contact’s the appropriate Dean’s Office. The Registrar sends out a report of missing agreements on a monthly basis.

STEP 4 – Dean’s Office Provides Information to Departments

The Dean’s Office looks up course description for each course, if possible, and sends that information along with the list of missing agreements to the departments.

STEP 5 – Department Determines Transfer Agreements

Upon review of course materials and course descriptions, the departments determine how each course should transfer and sends those determinations back to the Dean’s Office.

STEP 6 – Dean’s Office Formats and Submits Transfer Agreements to Registrar’s Office

The Dean’s Office reviews the agreements made by the departments and applies the format required by the Registrar.

STEP 7 – Registrar Updates Transfer Equivalency Database

The Registrar loads the agreements into the Transfer Equivalency Database. They can be immediately viewed at

More information about the Transfer Equivalency Database is available on the Transfer Credit General FAQs page.

STEP 8 – Registrar Updates Transfer Equivalency Reports

After the new transfer agreements have been loaded into the Transfer Equivalency Database, the Registrar can update the Transfer Equivalency Reports for all students who have taken those courses.

A student can access the Transfer Equivalency Report at

More information about Transfer Equivalency Reports is available on the Transfer Equivalency Report FAQs page.