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Future Rebels Visit the University of Mississippi

Elementary students from Clarksdale are touring the campus today to get a sneak peak at what college life is like.

The Associated Student Body (ASB) has a full day of activities planned for 130 students touring The University of Mississippi campus from Myrtle Hall Elementary in Clarksdale to experience what it’s like to be an Ole Miss Rebel.

“I hope the impact on these kids is that they will come here and get really excited about being on a college campus, and that they know that it’s possible for them, one day, to go to college,” ASB president Kimbrely Dandridge said. The students are part of a Spanish emergence program at Myrtle Hall, where half of their curriculum is instructed in Spanish.

“They are a unique brand of students” said Maddi Fummi, ASB director of student diversity. “They have a Spanish emergence program, which is unheard of in the Delta be- cause usually they have the bare minimum of resources at the school.”

Dandridge said she can identify with the background of some of these students and hopes they will be inspired by someone from Ole Miss.

“One thing that I have learned being a student coming up from a family where I didn’t have parents that went to college is that it’s important to have positive role models,” Dandridge said.

“Our goal is to really make an impression on these students that is everlasting that they will carry when they leave from middle school and go to high school.”

Fummi said the students will start their day off at 9:30 a.m. in the Union ballroom with an “around the world fair” so they can learn about being an “Ole Miss Rebel and global citizen.” The students will then get to tour the campus using maps written in Spanish and English. The tour will be led by UM students majoring in Spanish.

The students will then go to the Vaught-Hemingway Stadium for a meet and greet with football players and Rebelette cheerleaders and will end their day with an ice cream social in the Grove.

From the DM by David Kennedy