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Following Precedent

Journey to Commencement: Twins Katherine and Michael Farese become eighth and ninth family graduates of UM School of Law

Katherine and Michael Farese

Katherine and Michael Farese. Photo by Kevin Bain


Twin siblings Katherine and Michael Farese have always been close, so it was no surprise that they wanted to continue their education together.Since both siblings knew they would pursue a law degree, they declared political science as their undergraduate majors and minored in history. They took all the same classes through their Ole Miss undergraduate careers.

“We’ve always been each other’s best friend, so it was never weird to us that we would take all the same classes or end up with the same major and minor,” Katherine said.

Leaning on each other throughout their higher education careers allowed them to succeed.

“We’ve always studied together,” Michael said. “That’s the good thing about being twins; is you always have a study partner.”

On Saturday (May 11), Katherine and Michael both will walk across the stage as the eighth and ninth members of their family to receive their Juris Doctor from the University of Mississippi School of Law.

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