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Event Information:

  • Fri

    Colloquium Series: Michael Gardiner - Deep Listening and the Modification of Inner Nature

    4:00 pmMusic Building Room 148

    Interiority listens to an outside through itself, as itself, and upon recognition of this forms a looped experiential substrate in which there isn't definitively a separate self that listens, but only listening. The sounds we hear, along with the awareness that forms an image of them, are made of (and move within) the same substances; they are both in consciousness- one as the representation/ translation of some supposed external object, the other as the awareness of that object. Nature persists as an appearance to an interiority, but that same interiority is merely the frame which houses the perception of all outer things. In this talk I will ask how the above relates to a music-theoretical practice and the construction of aesthetic ideas that reconfigure the perceptual situation as the diagrammatic condition for a mode of possible listening (where listening, in turn, is the process of hearing).