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College of Liberal Arts

University of Mississippi

English MFA Program Ranked in Top 10 Universities for Aspiring Writers

October 5, 2016

Bondurant Hall

Bondurant Hall

The University of Mississippi MFA English Program is ranked 6th of the top 10 universities for aspiring writers by College Magazine.

“For those with a realistic outlook on writing for a living, looking to sharpen their writing skills so they can pop out the next “Fault in Our Stars,” look no further than these 10 schools. The odds will be in your favor.”

The list includes the University of Iowa, Princeton University, Johns Hopkins, New York University, University of Chicago, and University of Virginia.

Here’s the description for UM:

“Ole Miss boasts of notable alumni John Grisham and William Faulkner and tries to re-create the literary geniuses their programs housed in the past. The Creative Writing program admits only a small amount of students so each student receives optimal attention. Their student publication, The Yalobusha Review, an online journal that breaks the traditional norms of mainstream media, is considered one of the best student publications in the nation. At Ole Miss, students transform their passion for writing into a catalyst for social change. They teach community writing workshops, read at retirement homes and judge writing contests to help budding writers understand the value and impact of their words. Ole Miss equips students with the Oxford Conference for the Book, a program that puts writers and students in contact with an author they admire or helps market their writing collections.”