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College of Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi

Dr. Clyde Davis Endowment for the Natural Sciences in the College of Liberal Arts

Students in labOCTOBER 27, 2020

Alumnus Dr. Clyde P. Davis, Jr. of Birmingham, Alabama is providing the University of Mississippi College of Liberal Arts with funds to strengthen the natural sciences in the departments of biology, chemistry & biochemistry, mathematics, and physics & astronomy.

“I gratefully received a graduate teaching and research fellowship to Ole Miss in the fall of 1969,” said Davis (PhD chemistry ’83).

“At the time, the United States was mired in an endless war in Vietnam, and I realized I would never again be afforded the opportunity to study physical chemistry at the level I was currently pursuing.

“After completing my PhD, I went on to complete a post-doctoral project at Ole Miss. These extensive educational opportunities came my way because of gifts of fellowships and stipends given to me.

“I have established this testamentary endowment in order to assist future graduate students to complete their graduate and career aspirations in physical chemistry. I am grateful for the funding from the university which enabled me to secure an education and the credentials to pursue a teaching career on a university level. I am pleased and grateful to assist future generations of students to pursue similar paths with their lives.”

He taught physical chemistry at the University of North Alabama, Bevill State Community College, and University of Alabama Birmingham.

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