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College of Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi

Degree Application FAQs

What is the deadline for applying for a degree? 

Each senior must apply for a degree by returning a completed degree application form to the Dean’s Office before the last day to add classes in the semester preceding the semester in which the student expects to graduate.

For example, if a student wishes to graduate in Fall Semester, he or she should file a degree application with the Dean’s Office before the last day to add classes in the Spring Semester.

How do I apply for a degree? 

The first step in applying for a degree is to file a degree application at Ventress Hall in the College of Liberal Arts. Degree applications are available at Ventress Hall.

What are the general semester hour requirements for obtaining a degree from the College of Liberal Arts?

  1. At least 120 semester hours with passing grades must be completed for any Liberal Arts degree.
  2. At least one-third of the hours applied toward a degree must be at the 300, 400, or 500 level.
  3. A student must average at least 2.00 grade points for all ABCDF-graded credit hours submitted in fulfillment of degree requirements.
  4. Additional hour requirements may be imposed by individual departments.

For additional details, check your college catalog and the lower division requirement worksheets on the Forms page.

I filed a degree application, but I did not graduate. What do I do? 

Notify the Dean’s Office at (662) 915-7177, and your application will be updated