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Computers Donated to Mississippi Public School

Deep budget cuts have school systems across the state searching for ways to improve their facilities while saving as much money as possible.

The hard work of some local college students is helping districts do just that. They are refurbishing computers that will be donated to public school districts who qualify. Hours spent in a tiny room are paying off for the Holly Springs Public School District. 34 new computers will soon be in place for the fall semester.

“With budget cuts from the state and a cut in the district budget, we’re having to reach out and pull any resources that we can,” Holly Springs Public School District Director of Technology Joseph Selman said.

Network Administrator Scotty Polston says it feels good to help out districts especially during challenging budget years.

Polston says students feel equally good because they put what they have learned to good use. “We have a volunteer corps of students. They are mostly computer science students but we also have other engineering school students. We train students simple refurbishing tasks,” Polston said.

“Now that I can see the end result of all the work that I have done, it does feel good to know that I’m helping somebody out,” student volunteer Price Bullock said.

The trash can is the last place TREE volunteers ever hope to see a computer. They plan to fill up as many vehicles as possible for public schools.

TREE stands for “Technology Recycling to Enhance Education.”

For more information how you can can your public school involved in the program, click on link finder then click on Ole Miss TREE program.