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Chancellor Jones to Oversee ROTC Pass in Review Ceremony Dec. 1

The University of Mississippi ROTC programs, including Army, Navy/Marines and Air Force, will conduct an inspection and Pass in Review ceremony Thursday (Dec. 1) on campus.

The public event begins at 2 p.m. in the University Lyceum Circle. Maj. Gen. Robert Chesnut, a 1968 Ole Miss ROTC alumnus, is the keynote speaker.“A military Pass in Review is primarily used during change-of-command ceremonies, formal events bringing together large formations of troops and parades,” said 2nd Lt. Will Allen, Gold Bar recruiter. “It
generally incorporates a senior officer or dignitary, in this case Chancellor Dan Jones. Numerous senior administration officials, veterans, retired general officers and alumni are expected to attend.”

Historically, the review of unit readiness and discipline incorporates an inspection. The formation then marches past a reviewing stand where VIPs and the senior officer or dignitary are seated.

“Over 1,600 officers have commissioned through the ROTC programs on campus,” said Master Sgt. Michael Howland, UM senior military instructor. “They have fought honorably through six wars, including World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq. About 20 graduates have also attained the honor of becoming general officers (one star or higher).”

The Pass in Review has a long history in the military and at UM. The campus event had been conducted annually since the inception of the ROTC programs, running through the late 1990s. ROTC at the university was established on March 11, 1936, and traces its history back to the University Grays, which was formed in 1861.

On August 6, 1964, a distinctive unit insignia was authorized for wear by UM ROTC cadets. The insignia consists of a shield of red and blue (the university colors) and a bend of gray (representing the University Grays). A likeness of a rifle, a Magnolia blossom and the Lyceum identify the unit with national defense, the state of Mississippi and the university.