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Brooke White Shares World Experiences

Brooke White selected these photos as best describing her experience in South Central Asia.

Artist Brooke White lived in Bangalore, India, for four months last year as a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar exploring through photographs and video the evolving landscapes of the city known as the Silicon Valley of India.

“I looked at the roles globalization, technology, and capitalism are having on this ever-expanding metropolis and analyzed the connection between landscapes and identity,” said White, associate professor of art. “Bangalore has seen a lot of changes. It’s stuck somewhere between Western and Indian culture, and it’s these changes I wanted to capture and explore.”

While in residence she completed The New South photographic project, Moving Postcards video, and an interactive Google map, The Global South. “The experience was amazing, I learned a tremendous amount about Indian life, culture, and art,” she said. In addition to research, White taught at the Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology and developed a curriculum based on photography, video, and interactivity called Identity and New Media Art.

“While I am truly excited to work on my art, I am equally excited to bring it home and share it with my Ole Miss students,” said White, a Cornell University graduate with a master’s in fine arts. “So much of my teaching is about sharing experiences. I am a big promoter of world living because it creates dialogue and leads to understanding.”

White concluded the year as guest speaker and artist at the Kathmandu International Art Festival in Nepal and featured photographer in the Oxford American Eyes on the South series. Her experimental film, Slices of Clarity, screened at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, California, in January.

White’s Moving Postcards video project, New South photographic project, and interactive Google map are online at VFV??

Visit the Department of Art and Brooke White’s website.