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College of Liberal Arts

University of Mississippi

All Roads Lead to the Written Word

Steve Stringer meets with a group from Uganda.

Steve Stringer found his passion for writing, particularly fiction writing, in the fertile creative environment of Oxford and the University of Mississippi.  This passion was further stoked through various opportunities for travel and discovery.

“I had the opportunity for the first time in college, to create something entirely new,” Stringer explained. “Rather than commenting on someone else’s ideas, I had the freedom to express my own. Since then, I’ve been seeking that same thrill of creating something original by taking fiction and poetry workshops. It has informed my senior thesis and led me to pursue a graduate degree in fiction writing. That short two-week period in Paris has potentially impacted the rest of my life!”

Fisher-Wirth described her impressions of Stringer’s creative perspective.

“Steve was an ideal member of the class, always affable, indefatigable, knowledgeable and eager,” she said. “He had a great sense of humor and a fresh, quirky approach to the short creative nonfiction pieces that the course generated. I’m so happy that American Writers in Paris gave Steve the opportunity to discover his talent and passion for creative writing.”

On campus Stringer has been involved with an organization that has taken him to a very different part of the world, Hope for Africa. After attending his first meeting as a freshman, he became very committed to the cause, which involves the sponsorship of thirty primary and secondary students in Uganda. As a member of the group, and president of the organization from 2009-2011, he had the opportunity to travel to Uganda to see first hand the impact Hope for Africa was having on the students it supports through various fundraising events.

“Meeting the students in Uganda and seeing the impact education is having on their lives, was extremely rewarding,” explained Stringer. “It made me appreciate my own education and the opportunities I have had and honestly, made me re-evaluate my reasons for what I was working toward. It also educated me about sustainable solutions to world hunger that could have an impact here at home, and could be applied to places like the Mississippi Delta.”

Stringer plans to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts degree in screenwriting from the University of Texas at Austin. He is very interested in film and the opportunity it would give him to create multi-dimensional works that incorporate the elements of dialogue, music and the visual arts. He found his academic experience at UM to be both formative and liberating—giving him the tools with which to develop his craft and the freedom to let him find his own voice.

Among Stringer’s academic honors is a Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College Fellowship.  He also was a 2010 Evans Harrington Creative Writing Fiction Scholar.