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King Kobraz Rebelz (Feed Moncrief)

Blake Pruett and Patrick Haadsma, known as King Kobraz, crowd surf while shooting the video for their new song "TSUNs of Guns" before the basketball game against Kentucky. Photo by Phillip Waller for the Daily Mississippian

Pruett and Haadsma crowd surf the before Kentucky basketball game. Photo by Phillip Waller/Daily Mississippian

Are you one of the 123,234 YouTube viewers of King Kobraz’s Rebelz (Feed Moncrief) music video?

The musical duo became a phenomenon during the 2012 football season with their song featuring the talented wide receiver Donte Moncrief. Friends since high school in Tupelo, Blake Pruett, a senior studying  international studies and Spanish, and Patrick Haadsma, a junior studying English and political science, have been writing songs and making videos for years.

Inspired by the Feed Moncrief slogan T-shirts circulating after the Texas game, they created the music video highlighting a number of UM football players and posted it on November 20. Moncrief’s three touchdowns and seven catches for 173 yards at the Egg Bowl four days later spurred multiple screenings of the video on the stadium jumbotron as the jubilant athlete pantomimed eating and his teammates celebrated.

“People were going crazy,” Haadsma said. “We made the song; Donte made it cool.”