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College of Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi

2017 TEDxUniversityofMS VIDEOS

March 21, 2017

On January 28, 2017, the University of Mississippi hosted its second TEDx event to promote and disseminate the best ideas to the largest possible audience on the year’s theme of Choice. Chance. Change.

Emcee Matthew R. Wilson, an assistant professor of theatre arts who spoke at first TEDxUM, introduced talks by

Dr. Joe Campbell (UM and UMMC alumnus Hattiesburg, MS) on innovative techniques to reduce suicide ideation.

Katherine Dooley, an assistant professor  of physics and astronomy, on LIGO and how scientific discoveries are truly a team effort.

Susan Grayzel, a professor of history, about how the government convinces us “Keep Calm and Carry On,” in effect becoming extra eyes and ears for the state.

Rory Ledbetter, professor of theatre arts, on how controlled breathing leads to better conversations and relationships.

Anne Quinney, a professor of modern languages, on how publisher and editor-induced censorship has changed the meaning of many of our favorite pieces of literature.

Patrick Woodyard (BA international studies and Spanish ’10) cofounder of Nisolo  in Nashville, on discussed how consumers can get business to adopt measures consistent with their own values.

Shannon Cohn, an Oxford-based filmmaker, on a rarely mentioned, but hugely impactful disease affecting millions of women.

Josh Mabus, of The Mabus Agency in Tupelo, about the difference between failing and quitting and how the difference affects how we judge ourselves.

The College of Liberal Arts was one of the program sponsors.