College of Liberal Arts

University of Mississippi

2015 Faculty Grants—William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation

Glisson, S., primary investigator

Winter Institute Operational Funding

Sponsor: Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation
Award Amount: $1,500,000.00

This grant will support the mission of the Institute, which is to foster reconciliation and civic renewal wherever people suffer as a result of discrimination based on race or other human differences, and to promote scholarly research and teaching on race and discrimination. Institute staff perform work in four areas: community building, such as the signature program of the Welcome Table, whereby communities are invited to engage in dialogue among a multiracial group in order to build trust and propose/enact solutions to heal their community; youth engagement; academic support; and advocacy.

Glisson, S., primary investigator

The William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation

Sponsor: Kellogg Foundation
Award Amount: $1,000,000.00

This grant will spur civil equity and community engagement. The institute will continue to build communities both locally and globally by developing curricula and directly educating youth, groups, and individuals in increasingly disparate locations.

Glisson, S., primary investigator

Racial Healing Network

Sponsor: Kellogg Foundation
Award Amount: $200,000.00

This grant helps solidify relationships with our existing partners and reach out to new partners, especially those that focus their activities on racial equity and racial healing activities with youth. We will create and implement a development plan in order to generate funds sufficient to support and expand the ongoing work of the network. We will bring together leaders and members to engage in a long-term strategic planning process. We will implement a Phase II of the Implicit Bias campaign.